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Friday LOLZ – A Welcome Return Of Extreme Whatthefuck?!

tumblr_n8nee0YQpR1qax6olo1_1280 It’s been a long time since my last Friday LOLZ post, which is great news because it means I’ve been storing up all the unspeakably weird shit I’ve found specially for you guys!

Feels good to be back posting my regular features again after the long dry spell I’ve suffered. In fact, this is the first week in about three months in which I’ve managed to post every day.

Sure, I might not have a job, a car, a place to stay, any furniture, a fiancée, a daughter (until September), any direction in my life or any real purpose at the moment, but at least I posted five times on my site. Whoop whoop dee doo.


Friday LOLZ – Sleep Deprived Edition 2

insomnia-strugglesThere are bad nights, there are worse nights and there are nights when you have a newborn baby that cries off and on from the moment you get home until 3am.

You think you’ve handled stressful situations? Wait until you got kids (if you don’t already) and they don’t stop crying and you have no idea why. Nothing drains your energy like a screaming baby, swear to God. Nothing.

So forgive me if the “LOLZ” I’ve tracked down this week are kinda out there. If it makes me seem a little less weird, these make a lot more sense if you watch Breaking Bad, play GTA V and KLAP GYM BOET!


Friday LOLZ – Sleep Deprivation Edition

tumblr_mrg5nxZVnh1qzmowao1_500So yeah. Not a lot of posting happening on the site at the moment, sorry about that guys, but with the little Cub to look after things are a little cray-cray at the moment.

Things will settle down (people tell me) but in the meantime, sleep is a precious commodity for J-Rab and I that we don’t seems to be getting our normal quota of at the moment.

Of course, with sleep deprivation come all of it’s awesome side effects like laughing for an inappropriately long time at things that aren’t really that funny at all and generally feeling like you’re watching your life from the outside.


Friday LOLZ Payday Edition

aD00eQB_460sIt’s been a heavy month on the wallet here at SlickTiger Industries, that’s for damn sure but the great news is that today is officially payday bitches! Thank sweet baby Jeebers.

In celebration of this and to give you guys a break from all the sad Madiba news we are being bombarded with, today we are just going to kick back, dig some rad Friday LOLZ and let the good times roll.

As is the norm here on the site, some of these I’ve chosen because they appeal to my warped sense of humour and others I’ve chosen just because they are plain weird.

Dig it:



Friday LOLZ – Bad Posting Week Addition

tumblr_mlkk0xTI7r1r3k73wo1_500It’s been a bad week for posting here on TFW, no two ways about it. What few posts there have been were all posted late and content has been a little on the thin side.

I blame Workers Day. When that basterd rolled around, I downed tools and kicked firmly into neutral so I could schloomf through the week towards the weekend and them schloomf some more.

So to wrap things up, here is some random interwebs hilarity I’ve found on my travels, carefully stolen from someone who stole it from someone who stole it from someone. Kick back, make some coffee and have a chuckle as we edge ever closer to the weekend, fuck yeah.


Friday LOLZ Cat Depression Edition

tumblr_mk4532YNjW1ql2603o1_500Easter has really thrown things off kilter here at SlickTiger Industries, so my apologies for the shocking lack of posting, things will be on track next week fo sho.

In the meantime, I’m eating musli, drinking green tea and wallowing in this weird funk that I woke up in today. I think I’m suffering from chronic cat-induced depression.

See, our cat is cheating on us. We’ve been in denial about it for some time now, but all the evidence is piling up and it’s getting pretty hard to turn a blind eye anymore.


Other Level Friday LOLZ

tumblr_mitevdEbCn1qj26eao1_500It’s a rainy-ass day in Cape Town, what I like to call a classic GTFH day (gothefuckhome). I swear I’d actually pay my company R500 to let me just go home and go back to bed. Five hundred big ones. Done deal.

But sadly that’s not gonna happen. Instead I’ll get through today as best I can and try to duck out at 4. Hopefully by then it’s still all rainy and overcast and I can nail a flippin awesome afternoon nap.

Meanwhile, life carries on, but to make it a little more bearable for you badass mofos I’ve thrown together yet another random collection of Friday LOLZ that I think you’ll enjoy.


Friday Lolz – The BEst 5 Mins You’ll Spend At Work Today (Except For When You Pack Up To Leave)

tumblr_mgsabecGzq1rytly3o1_500S’up Party People! Friday fuck yeah! How crazy has this week been? In fact how crazy has this year been? 2013 is not fucking around in any way, it’s here to kick your balls and that’s that.

So anyway, I dug up some pretty random stuff to brighten up your day today folks, hope you guys dig it, especially the first video which was doing the rounds yesterday for Valentine’s Day.

Also spare a thought for your Tiger pal today. I had root canal on Monday that is still fucking sore. God DAYUM! Anyone else out there had root canal recently? How much longer is this shit gonna last?!