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Okes WHo LIke To Klap It #21: 80s Fighting Mullet CHarna

80s mullet manIt’s a flippin’ FACT OF LIFE that sooner or later in any klap gym boychay’s life another ou is gonna check out your BUFF TAN, your TIGHT “TAP OUT” VEST your magical POWERBALANCE bracelt and decide to cause kak.

Luckilly in such a instance, your naturally uncontrollable ROID RAGE will give you a edge over your opponant, BUT it’s also lank important to know the right way to flippin MOER the ou stukkend.

That’s where the legend ou that is 80s Fighting Mullet Charna comes into the picture. This ou will choon you straight about the advantages of moering ous with a “heads-butt” and using the “no more viscious tool” than the elbow.


Let The Good Times Roll

220px-1859-Martinique.webThings have been quiet here at Tiger HQ as you may have noticed over the past few days, but it’s nothing to freak out about, I haven’t lost my blogging mojo, I’m just on holiday, being a lazy ass.

Christmas was awesome, spent it with J-Rab’s family soaking up the sun by the pool and stuffing our faces with more food than you can shake a stick at.

Otherwise I’ve been taking it super easy-breezy, reading, drinking and writing. Actually managed to bang a short screenplay out for the Jameson / Kevin Spacey competition and entered it. If I win, Kevin Spacey will produce and act in my short movie!