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The Most Hilarious Infomercial Dub I’ve Seen Since The Snuggy

Sticky FingersI don’t watch a lot of TV. In fact, at the time of writing this I don’t even have a television. I have a gigantic flat screen monitor on which I watch movies and series, but not TV, I hate TV.

So I have no idea if South African TV has as many infomercials as it used, the ones that loop to in those dark, ungodly hours when you really should be asleep.

HOWEVER, if you’ve ever been to the States, you’ll know that TV over there is fucking SATURATED with infomercials and my god! They are so awful they’re practically begging to be ripped off.


New Desmond And The Tutus Single

Desmond_the_Tutus_2A few weeks back, I posted the whack infomercial for the new Desmond And The Tutus album, Mnusic which is going to be landing shortly.

It got some mixed reactions – personally I thought it was pretty damn awesome but one or two of my readers felt that they’d taken the whole thing a little far.

Any way you slice it, it got people talking which is the important thing. Fast forward to this morning and I get an email from ol’ Dezzy himself (aka Shane) saying the first single from Mnusic has landed, as has the video,  which is shot in the same, spoofy low-budget vein that the infomercial was.


Desmond And THe Tutus Infomercial – Too Far?

728-400-1Some people who have seen Desmond And The Tutus’ infomercial promoting their new album Mnusic think it’s shot in bad taste and is a poor attempt at marketing this band. But I’m not one of them.

The infomercial features a bullshit cure-all doctor who could have literally stepped off one of those dodgey pamphlets they hand out at traffic lights and is packed to the max with awesome.

People who want to be mermaids, failed attempts at slicing tomatoes, fucking rats that eat your feet and a narrative that makes absolutely no sense at all are just some of the things that make this video amazing.


Warning: Very, Very, Very Funny Shit

jonlajoieIt’s always a gamble posting shit on your site that you have a sinking feeling EVERYONE’S already seen, but when said shit makes you cry you’re laughing so hard, you take that risk, especially on a Monday when your readers need a good laugh.

So forgive me if you’ve already heard of my new buddy Jon La Joie, but his videos are fucking brilliant! I’m gonna ease you guys into this with two of his music videos (one of which has had over 47 MILLION views, what a legend!) and then an infomercial so funny it made my balls hurt.