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The Last Episode Of Lost

Mention to people that you enjoy watching Lost and you get one of two reactions. The first is a totally dismissive “Oh, yeah, I watched a bit of the first season but then sort of went off it…” and the second is an explosive “HOLYSHITIFUCKINGLOVETHATSHOW!”



That, ladies and gentlemen, is the mark of a cult show. In fact that is the mark of anything that is cult, an audience that is fiercely polarised between people that love whatever it may be to the point of manic obsession and a much larger contingency that are either completely indifferent towards it or think it’s the biggest load of shit they’ve ever seen.


If you think your company is rad, think again

I really don’t have much today guys, I’m sorry. 2009 is basically over, I seriously doubt there are many people left actually working right now except for a handful of poor saps like me (says the guy who has no leave left because he used it all up in July / August when he spent 3 weeks in the Algarve in Portugal, yeah, who’s jealous now bitch!).

Ahem! Where was I…?

Oh yeah, so I feel bad because I haven’t written one of those soppy year-end ‘My life in 2009’ or maybe ‘Highlights of 2009’ or even just ‘Please fuck off 2009’ posts, but hey, there’s still another 13 days left of this big, ugly bastard so maybe I’ll get around to it in the space between Xmas and New Year when I’m on leave.