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africa-photos-284You guys aren’t going to fucking believe this, but I found out yesterday that the video I scripted, acted in, directed, half-shot and edited for the Nandos “How Far Will You Go” campaign fucking won!

I got the call yesterday from someone who introduced herself as a person handling Nandos communications, at which point I thought, “Thank fuck! They’re finally gonna give me the free meal vouchers they owe me” because I’m poor and I could really use some free food.

Then she tells me she has good news for me and I immediately think “YES! Chicken dinner tonight bitches!” but then she tells me I’ve won a R20 000 holiday anywhere in Africa and I instantly lose my shit completely!

So I guess the big question now is, where the hell do I go?! In a few days time a travel agent is going to contact me and send all kinds of options through for different travel packages all over Africa. It’s fucking crazy, the way I understand it all I have to do is pick and choose the packages I want that add up to R20k, book some leave and unleash myself on the continent!



So help me out here guys, the only place in Africa I’ve ever visited is Swaziland, that’s IT. Where would you go if you had a R20k travel budget?

I hear ZANZIBAR is fucking sick. I just like saying the word – ZANZIBAR!

Leave suggestions in the comments or hit me on

You gotta love this crazy fucked up thing called life. Run around hungover with your underpants on the outside the one day and you’re jetting off across Africa the next.

Here’s the video I submitted if you’re wondering what the hell that last sentence means:



A HUGE thanks to my loving girlfriend J-Rab and Jennyjenjen for helping me turn that fucking weird idea for an ad into a reality. You guys rock, I seriously couldn’t have done it without you.

Have a killer weekend party people. If anyone’s heading through to Assembly tonight, come hunt me down for a celebratory drink or five Winking smile



A Whole Bunch Of Random Cool Shit For Friday

Guys, it’s muthufukkin’ FRIDAY and I don’t know about you, but alls I can say is thank FUCK! Let’s hit the sauce Winking smile

Oh and thanks for all the good vibes yesterday, J-Rab’s job interview went well and they’ve asked her to come back next week Monday to work for a day and get a feel for the place. If she digs it and they dig her, employment seems imminent. Hallelujah brothers and sisters! There is light at the end of the tunnel and for once it doesn’t look like a train.

So yeah, to kick off the Friday randomness, here’s a rad ad Jennyjenjen sent me yesterday.



Then there’s this beauty sent in by my main man Civilian:



And in case you guys missed it (I know it’s been doing the rounds) here’s probably the most well written newspaper article I’ve ever read (thanks Peggles!).



“Anaconda-like whoppers”! Hahahaha! Journalism in this country rocks.

And because Friday just isn’t Friday without hotties, here’s Aubrey O’Day, a good friend of mine who could very well be made entirely of bronze wax and hair extensions:



Here endith the lesson. Amen.

Have a killer weekend party people, I’ll see you crazy cats at the bar Winking smile



Saturday At Sidewalk Cafe

If you don’t already know Sidewalk Cafe in Vredehoek you need to head on down there one Saturday and grab a bite because the food is incredible, the vibes are awesome and if you’re lucky enough, Dave will be your waiter and for however long you stay there, life will be about as perfect as it can be.



For us life was as perfect as it could be for about five hours. We rolled into Sidewalk at about 9.30 on Saturday morning, J-Rab, Jennyjenjen, Barbarian, Goff-girl and myself after waking up hungover as hell from our housewarming the night before and marvelling that we were all still alive.

We went to meet up with friends of Goff-Girl’s who were just finishing a scrumptious breakfast of fresh fruit juices, muesli, yoghurt, honey and tea, so naturally we all sat down and ordered a round of beers.

From there the wheels came off completely. By 10.30 we were onto the Bloody Marys and sometime around lunchtime a round of tequilas came out followed by a police van that parked in the street right next to us. We knew we had total immunity as long as we stayed put though so that’s exactly what we did and sooner or later they moved on, all of us smiling and waving at them like a bunch of asylum escapees.



It felt good not to give a shit. It felt good to spend the morning getting loaded at a ridiculously early hour with my friends while other people went jogging up the street or came to Sidewalk in their loafers to enjoy a quaint little meal and saw the chaos that was unfolding at  our table.

And all the while, Dave endured. Like some stalwart captain of a ship full of maniacs, he stood his ground because he’d seen this before many, many times and at least we added a random element into his day that he seemed to enjoy.

“I want a big flower for behind my ear,” J-Rab turned around and randomly blurted out as Dave was walking past and I swear to God, the man didn’t even flinch or look surprised or perplexed or off-guard in any conceivable way. He just said “Sure” like it was the most normal request he’d ever heard, walked over to a nearby tree and came back with the perfect flower.



It was good times I tell ya, Sidewalk Cafe gets the Tiger stamp of approval. Go there every day this week and the week after and the week after. Dig the view from the stoep outside and have a Bloody Mary or 10.

Life really doesn’t get much better than that Smile



House Warming Shenanigans

Here’s a quick, honest breakdown of what happens when you invite people to a party you’re throwing according to racial and geographic breakdown and of course, personal experience.

If you’re in Joburg and you invite 20 white friends to a party, 13 actually show up. Conversely, if you invite 7 black friends, about 15 – 20 show up of which, somehow, you only know 3.

In Cape Town, it doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, Indian, Chinese or Austro-Hungarian, you invite 20 people to a party, 2 show up and they’re three hours late.

By those standards, the housewarming we threw on Friday night was a roaring success. Here’s a couple pics of the insanity that went down.



















After that point, all kinds of shit went down, so let’s just leave it at that shall we? My mom reads this blog.

It was a killer, killer party and went on until some ungodly hour at which point people started dropping like flies, but not before we got this pic of the Slain Barbarian.



And now it’s Monday and life continues from where it left off, in my cubicle somewhere, meek and mild.

And people will ask me how my weekend was and what the hell will I tell them?

“Fine and yours?”

Stay tuned for part 2 at Sidewalk Cafe the day after, where we had beer for breakfast, tequila for dessert and dug our heels in for a good five hours of Bloody Marys.

Until then…