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R1k iTunes Voucher Winner Winner Chicken DInner!

winner-illustration1I’m about to make someone’s Monday very, very cool because after much deliberation over the weekend, I’ve finally chosen an entry from last week’s King Price competition to win the R1k iTunes voucher.

I asked everyone to watch the King Price commercial that’s been on TV recently where this guy comes up with this crazy story as to how King Price are able to lower their car insurance premiums every month.

Then I invited you crazy basterds to write your own convoluted stories as to how you think King Price is able to lower its car insurance premiums every month and said the funniest, most original one would take home the bacon.


Win a R1k iTunes Voucher With King Price And Your Tiger Pal

King Price LogoCompetition time here on TFW boys and girls and this week I’m offering up a R1 000 iTunes voucher to one lucky reader who is able to KLAP the challenge I’m about to set you guys.

So, here’s the dealy-o. King Price Insurance is the only insurance company that actually decreases your car insurance premiums month by month.

Their reasoning behind doing this is simple, it’s a fact that cars are a depreciating asset so in other words the older your car gets, the less it’s worth, so why should your insurance premiums increase month by month, that doesn’t make any damn sense!