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Escape Monday: Light Painting Taken To A Whole New Level

Stay HungryOn the internet, you have two options when it comes to how you handle things. You can suspend disbelief and take things as they are or you can view everything through a lens of infinite doubt.

I suspend disbelief because I enjoy wonder, I like to experience it and not pull it apart through tedious over-analysis. I used to believe in magic as a kid, I guess you could say nothing’s changed.

The work of Finnish photographer Janne Parviainen is an example of a kind of magic. Janne uses long exposure times with a multitude of LED lights to “paint” the beautiful and haunting images you’re about to see.


Escape Monday: Light Painting

Untitled #15Wow guys, the weekend that just passed was all kinds of epic. J-Rab had her baby shower and me and the guys had The Last Party Before Fatherhood which was really just a cheap ploy to get free nappies.

Well lemme tell ya, I flippin earned those nappies. An hour into the party the guys had me in an adult diaper bobbing for chocolates in a beer-filled potty. Yeah. And that was just the beginning.

If ever I could have chosen a day to pull a sickie, it would have been today. But no, I’m gonna tough it out, straighten out my life a little and show you guys these pics from photographer Harold Ross.


Escape Monday: Light Painting

Colourful_Faffing_PThe Escape Monday project continues this week with another two posts designed to transport your mind as far away from your cubicle (read: cell) as possible.

This post features a collection of photos taken by Ian Hobson who claims that not one of these pics have been digitally manipulated, he’s created all of them by waving different coloured lights in front of cameras set on long exposure.

At least, that’s how I think he does this. The results are nothing short of mesmerising and should, even if it’s just for a minute or two, take your mind completely off the fact that it’s Monday.