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Invent A Band Name, Win a Radass Pair Of Converse HighTops

converse-logoIt’s Friday thank Jeebers and to celebrate that fact and spread the word about the Converse Get Out Of The Garage campaign, I’m giving away a sick pair of hightops that I think you guys will dig.

Well, provided you are a man that has size 10 feet and lives in Cape Town. If you are a man who has size 10 feet and lives in Cape Town, give yourself a pat on the back and read on!

If you aren’t, you are still more than welcome to enter the competition, but just know that we’re playing for a brand new pair of Converse size 10 hightops for men okay? Okay. Let’s get started.


Good News For Unsigned SA Bands – “Get Out The Garage” Is Back!

GOTGIf you guys cast your minds far, far, far, far, far back you’ll remember a campaign that ran last year called the Converse “Get Out The Garage” competition which Matthew Mole ended up winning.

The lucky guy got to not only play at the iconic 100 Club in London, but he also got to record at the Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, New York. It was a huge springboard for the guy and he made the very best of it.

The good news is that the competition is back and Converse is once again on the hunt for unsigned local talent to get out the garage and show the world that SA has some flippin SICK talent.


Not dead yet

I’m not dead yet! This last week was a bad week for blogging and the posts I wrote smacked of mediocrity, but I’m only human and not yet the blogging machine I hope to one day be, but I’m getting there, one post at a time 😉

So what’s been going on in my crazy-assed life the past few days? Well, for starters I visited the dermatologist yesterday and he nailed this big skin tag that’s been growing on my forearm with some liquid nitrogen and now it looks like this:



Fuck blogging is awesome! Guess what else!? I had a salami sandwich for lunch today! I know! Stop the fucking press right?