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Weekend Playlist – Tunes To KLAP To

marko_savolainenIf you think the music that plays in the gym is pretty schweet then I got some bad knews for you pal – you are flippn RETARDED! FULL REATARD! The doffest of the lot boedie.

Gym music in most gyms is crehated to STOP you from going into full on BEAST MODE because if every charna in a gym went into FULL ON BEAST MODE AT THE SAME TIME, the whole flippin place would EXPLODE!

So they play lekker moffie kak like Katie Parrow and flippin Brittany Spies. That kak will NEVER get a oke MASSIVE AND RIPPED. That’s where your buddy ol’ pel Slicky-T comes into the thing.

These tunes, or shall I say CHOONS, will turn a normal skinny-jean pant wearing, green tea drinking, fixed bicycle riding mof into a GYM MONSTER, eating weights for breakfast lunch and supper, banging the belters like his flippin LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

Put your headphones on, turn the volume to 150% and show your flippin eardrums WHOSE BOSS!


Music To Lift To from SlickTiger on 8tracks Radio.


How was that hey? You still with me? How many charnas have you just murdered because of that mix?

Flip oke, me too. Me too Winking smile

Have a lekker weekend my boychays and belters!

-Papa Slick