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Miley Cyrus’ Best And Worst Covers

MileyWith ol’ Miley paying so much attention to developing her “aesthetic” it’s pretty easy to forget the fact that behind all the sticky-outy tongue action and attention-gabbing twerking, the girl can sing.

Well, sometimes… I stumbled on a video of her covering Outkast’s “Hey Ya” and decided to dig a little deeper for more covers she’s done as I remember seeing something about her covering Arctic Monkeys recently.

The result was equal parts mesmerising and horrifying. The mesmerising part is how many different tones she can sing in. The horrifying part is how she chooses to use them and the fact that she once tried to cover Nirvana.


The Parlotones Irritate The Living Shit Out Of Me

There are very few SA bands that I actually like, in fact I could probably count them all on one hand and most of them don’t play anymore.

Anyone remember Squeal? Early Nude Girls (before Carstens became a jerk)? Boo? Sugardrive? I used to dig those bands, they had a great sound and put out a good couple of albums that were pretty decent.



I find the bands playing these days largely uninspiring with a few exceptions, one of which is Lark – Inge Beckman is the kind of girl you wouldn’t look twice at walking down a street (well, depending on what she was wearing) but on stage she’s all kinds of sexy.