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Retroviral’s 2012 video Nominated for Academy Award

R ViralIn a move that has rocked the online world, Retroviral (arguably one of SA’s top online communications consultancies) has been nominated for an Oscar in the “Best Use Of Letters Made From Vegetables In A Company Promo Video” category.

“We got the call from the academy this morning,” said Mike Sharman, founder and MD of Retroviral, “it was Nelly Retardo.”

Since Retroviral started in 2010, the agency has landed some great campaigns and done remarkable work for brands and initiatives such as the Put Foot Rally, SAB, Nandos, 5Gum and Converse all of which is showcased in an innovative way in their annual showreel videos.


The Nandos #25Reasons Ads

Nandos25reasonsMy interwebs friends recently sent me the links to all the Nandos #25reasons ads so I thought I’d slap them up on the site to see what you guys think.

Because Nandos is celebrating its 25th birthday, they are calling on all South Africans to give them 25 reasons why we love South Africa.

I think it’s a cool idea, especially because of the fact that Nandos used Pinterest to get people to pin their 25 reasons (I’d be interested to find out how that worked, first local brand I know of who’s tried to use Pinterest for a comp), but I’m just not too sure about the ads themselves.


Feel-Good Vibes From Nando’s and Cheesekids

600020_10150940754180633_2113325908_aIt’s a crazy day for your Tiger pal folks because it’s my last day at my current job. It’s been two and a half years, amazing how quickly it goes by.

Blink just once and you’ve missed the entire thing. On the other hand, change is good, you gotta embrace that shit because it’s the only constant in this crazy life and without it we’d all be bored stiff.

Speaking of change, I just watched the latest Nando’s and Cheesekids Souperstar video that did the rounds on Friday and it made me feel better in a small way about life in general, so thank you Nando’s, your Tiger pal salutes you.


Nandos Fights Back Against Xenophobia

Nandos viralRacism has become a hot topic in the media recently. Hardly a day goes by without news stories being published that doesn’t touch on the subject of racism, whether it’s the Spear debacle or moronic models hurling racist slurs over Twitter.

Nandos, never being one to shy away from controversy, gives us some food for thought (see what I did there? BAZINGA!) with this new ad they’ve shot reminding us that we’re ALL foreigners in this crazy, mixed up country of ours.

Nandos has also teamed up with Cheesekids and is creating pop up soup kitchens in parts of SA that have been affected by Zenophobia. They’ve shot a brilliant call to action for that as well, which follows after the clip below:


Santam’s response to Nandos – It’s AWN!

SantamvsNandosWattup party people! Your Tiger pal is back in the country yo so y’all can sleep safe at night knowing I’m back for your daily dose of awesome, punctuated with cringe-worthy gangsta rap lingo, word.

While I was gone, Nandos had a cheeky little jibe at the latest Santam ad featuring Ben Kingsley that’s been getting a lot of attention.

Santam have now officially replied to Nandos by challenging them to deliver chicken to a children’s home! Hahahaha! Priceless! Check out all the videos below and join me in sitting back to watch this saga unfurl (*grabs popcorn).

Here’s the original Santam ad that’s been doing the rounds:


The full Nandos “Dubious History” story revealed!

Awhile back I uploaded this sick ad I scripted, acted in, directed and edited for the current Nandos campaign which was awesome because it meant I could run around with my underpants on the outside in public (finally!).

The campaign is now at an end and the Nandos team have finally revealed the origins of its delectable peri-peri sauce and the epic story of the origins of that sauce.

So check it out and tell me, honestly, if you think it’s better or worse than the ad I shot (keeping in mind the bit I mentioned above about the underpants on the OUTSIDE).




SlickTiger Industries Creates Sickest Nandos Ad Known To Man

I caught wind of this radass campaign that Nandos are running at the moment where they are shooting a whole bunch of ads that explain the “Dubious History” of their famous peri peri sauce.

They’re posting all the episodes to this site: and then giving ordinary folks like you and me the opportunity to take a stab at what happens next in the ads.

You can either write in (must be 280 characters or less) or submit a 30 second video entry and if your submission makes the top three in terms of number of votes you win an African holiday to the value of R20k!