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How The Tiger Unlocks The Power Of The Interwebs

UntitledVodacom are doing a sick campaign at the moment where they’re asking SA’s top bloggers and influencers to share the secrets of how they unlock the power of the internet.

Naturally they called up your buddy ol’ pal Slicky-T, because it’s a well-documented fact that I’ve been unlocking the power of the interwebs since the mid-90s yo.

Back then, the internet was a joke. The information published on most websites was notoriously unreliable, pages took days to load and downloading a 10MB file would have probably taken at least three hours.


Arctic Monkeys’ New Direction Is SICK

220px-Alex_Turner_of_the_Arctic_Monkeys_in_DallasI read on NME that Arctic Monkeys are going to start working on album number 5 pretty soon and are looking to go for a “heavier” sound this time around.

I was pretty sceptical when I heard that because I remember them saying the same thing before the release of Suck It And See and it had one or two heavy moments but wasn’t nearly as heavy as Humbug.

To give people an idea of what to expect on the new one, they referenced the recent single they released (“R U Mine”) which prompted your Tiger pal to look it up and holy hell it’s fucking awesome!