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The Tiger Rocks The Daisies Chapter 2: Friday Super Mario

DSCF0455The first morning of a festival is the best by far.

All the troopers from the night before slowly start surfacing, giving one another silent nods of approval from across their respective campsites while the morning sun shines impossibly bright all around you.

First thing I did when I woke up was put my sunglasses on. Second thing I did was down a sachet of rehydrate followed by two liver pills and two Myprodols in rapid succession.

Lastly, I put the Tiger hat on and got ready to face the day though all the preparation in the world wouldn’t have got me ready for the insanity to follow.

First thing was first – the mushroom.

It had been decided that instead of sorting ourselves out with a gazebo, we would tie a series of sarongs together to make a canopy and tie this with string above all our tents to make shade for us to chill under at Camp Tiger.

Of course, this proved a lot more difficult in practise, so I fetched our beach umbrella from the car and next thing you know, The Mushroom happened:



After getting that right, J-Rab and I decided to take a long, slow, lazy breakfast while we lay on our backs and watched the clouds shift and swirl because The Mushroom was working; it was shady and there were no bands starting for a good couple of hours.

We passed our morning listening to music through some Shox speakers connected to my phone (a festival must-have for campsite chilling), eating fresh fruit salad and drinking Bloody Marys which, I’m pretty sure it’s scientifically proven, are the world’s best hangover cure.

A peaceful, easy feeling breezed through Camp Tiger and all was calm in the dappled tie-dyed light that fell, glowing on our skin.



It was a good, long time before we decided to head up to the main stage and explore the festival a bit, but when we did we hardly got far when Barbarian called to say he had just arrived and was at the main gate.

I remember sprinting down that orange / red sand road leading up to the main stage, my feet hardly touching the ground as I sailed effortlessly through crowds and crowds of people like a minnow over the surface of a glassy pond.



Barbarian, his brother Spu and his girlfriend Millie got settled in back at the campsite as the afternoon sun slowly faded and I think we stayed and had a few more drinks there  before deciding to head to the beer tent at the main stage.

There we briefly saw The Brother Moves On being all freaky on stage and pissed ourselves laughing at this guy:



From there we got seriously stuck into the main stage beer tent so much so that we basically missed every band that went up. Problem is this good friend of ours we hadn’t seen in ages, Molly, suddenly showed up out of the blue and we ended up jamming with her all night.

It was about then that I ran into my partner in crime Mr Dan Nash whose ear I decided to chew off for a good hour or so (hahaha! Sorry homes). Shortly after that (before that?) I barnacled myself to another long-time fellow writer and whisky-lover Sean Lloyd though God only knows what the hell we spoke about.



I also ran into Gabi ( who is one of my all-time favourite people, SA bloggers and musical aficionados. 

From there the night melts into a bizarre collage of nameless faces, laughter, loads of beer in plastic cups, more laughter and a  vague feeling like time was passing and maybe it would be a good idea to watch some bands.

The good news is we did end up catching some of The Kongos’ set and they were AWESOME! Definite Desert Rock vibe going on there, it’s tragic I didn’t catch more and that the bits I did catch I don’t remember very well.



Oh, and we also caught Beast after that but the general vibe I got is that Inge (singer from Lark) needs to reign it in a bit, her vocals were tearing the songs apart like a wailing cat. The rest of the band was killing it, but most of the people we spoke to thought she was very difficult to listen to.

What happened after that is anyone’s guess, but I do vaguely remember J-Rab breaking into the Heartbreak Hotel compound with my buddy Peggles’ so we could get more booze from his tent.

I swear, I have no idea why anyone would want to camp there. Looks like flippin Auschwitz or something. I guess the clean facilities and free breakfasts are a huge plus, but still, I wasn’t sold and even Peggles himself said next time he’s definitely camping with us.

More hilarity ensued as the night wore on until we all eventually decided to hit the hay and try to get some rest before the big day on Saturday.



My last memory is of walking back to our campsite, happy, fuzzy and thinking I’d NAILED Friday in the best possible way when out of nowhere this random guy bolts past, grabs my Tiger head hat and sprints off in the other direction.

Instantly my happy, carefree state flicked off like a switch and I went straight into KILL mode.

Next thing this guy knew he had 90kgs of 6ft1 gym-hardened Tiger flying through the air like a guided missile into the small of his back. My arms clamped around him as I sent him plunging into the dirt to eat a mouthful of soggy, trodden-on turf – a perfectly-executed tackle for a guy who only played rugby for a grand total of 6 weeks in highschool.

Needless to say I got the Tiger head hat back and walked away feeling totally fine (my only injury the next day was a broken toenail for some reason), while my assailant limped off mumbling grumpily to no one.

Back at Camp Tiger, we crawled back into our tent of lurve, piled on the blankets and fell instantly asleep.

That night I dreamed about a calzone. It was the weirdest dream I’ve ever had and I couldn’t explain it if I tried, but somehow seemed like a fitting end to an awesome day.



Tune in tomorrow for my last piece on RTD12 where I actually watch some bands and have the best damn hoddog of my LIFE!

Good times I tell ya.

Good times Winking smile



The Tiger Rocks The Daisies Chapter 1: Thursday Rocket Fuel

altb61dcd58d1f012888162b07b13e525efThere were animals everywhere in furry onesies or in animal hats and I was one of them, rocking a tiger head hat rented from a costume shop for six-year old kids.

The baddest cat in the jungle, grinning like a maniac from ear to ear and laughing, just laughing my ass off the entire weekend.

Truth be told, from Thursday to Sunday, way too much awesomeness happened for one post.

The last thing I want to do is ram a 10 000 word piece down everyone’s throats that no one reads so instead I’m breaking this down day by day and hitting you guys with only the good stuff, that infectious craziness that makes festivals like Rocking The Daisies so awesome because that’s all anyone really cares about in the end.

Good times. Sunshine. Good people. We had it all. What a fucking amazing weekend…

Well, except for leaving on Thursday. J-Rab and I were both frazzled from the week we’d had and were keen to just head on through, get our shit sorted, crack open that first icy beer and start partying our asses off.



Obviously we took a wrong turn going there though and ended up taking the dirt road shortcut to the Darling Cellars turn-off. I was fuming by that point because I was trying to get through before sunset but by the time we actually arrived it was already 8.30pm.

Luckily our friends had taken our tent earlier and set up camp for us literally 5 meters from the main entrance. Chrissie, Pamela, Cat, you guys are fucking LEGENDS.

Thirty minutes later we were finally setup and smashing our first drink of the festival. We went the vodka / cranberry route which I mixed in almost equal proportions.

Yeah. It was basically rocket fuel.

Armed with that we moseyed on over to the Thursday night campsight stage and caught Future Primitives and Goodnight Wembley.



It was sad we missed the other Thursday night bands but lemme tell you, Future Primitives put on such a solid performance, I actually didn’t mind.

It was high-energy surf / stoner rock at its absolute best. The buzz in the small crowd gathered there was fucking electric. I felt all the tension from my shitty week come flowing out as my limbs loosened up and my mind unwound one gulp of rocket fuel at a time.

We went to sort out a refill before Goodnight Wembley got onstage and after that things got a little blurry.

I wasn’t in the best shape to review Goodnight Wembley in any way, but I just remember feeling that while they are a great and seriously talented group of musicians, their material is nothing we haven’t all heard before.



They do it flawlessly, but I don’t remember hearing any tracks that got me as pumped as Future Primitives did.

Also, at that stage some young 16 year old guy was trying his luck with our friend who had been sippin on the rocket fuel so I had to step in there and tell him on no uncertain terms that he needed to back off or the next time he touched her, he’d draw back a bloody stump.

After Goodnight Wembley all I got is flashes of lucidity. J-Rab went to the toilets and came back to find me orchestrating an entire group of people that I’d managed to convince there was a trip-wire between these two wooden posts in the main pathway.

Hilariously we got people either jumping over the imaginary trip-wire or doing the limbo between the posts. I tried to take some pics of it but man-o-man they came out badly.



The last part of the evening was spent back at Chrissie’s tent at Camp Tiger where we jammed some sick choons and carried on smashing the voddies, just laughing and having a killer time.

It was basically the best end to the first night I could have hoped for. Check it:



Obviously I have no recollection of actually going to sleep after that, but I imagine when I did, it was with a huge-ass smile on my face because I was here, I’d arrived, it had been a fucking amazing night and my Daisies experience was only just beginning.

The perfect start to what was going to be an epic weekend.

Stay tuned for my Friday round-up tomorrow Winking smile



This. Is. DAISIES!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Rocking The Daisies is finally here Party People and holy balls are we going to have a killer weekend.

Sure, it looks like we’re in for a bit of rain tonight and maybe Saturday night, but is that going to stop us? Fuck no! We are going the man the fuck up, and party like our lives depend on it.

This is not Rocking The Tulips. It’s not Rocking The Roses or Rocking The Motherfucking Chrysanthemums. This is Rocking The DAISIES, bitches! Ya’ll better bring your A-game because this Tiger is rearing to go and ready for ANYTHING.

We’ll be heading through this evening with the goal of getting there to catch some of Woodstock Mafia’s set at 7.10pm. We’ll also be taking truckloads of pics which I hope to upload tomorrow from the exclusive media lounge that your Tiger pal has access to.



Also, I finally got my shit together and made the DVD I posted about earlier this week (The Mind Of SlickTiger) which will be at the Capitec Swapping Mall at the Daisies this year.

Originally my plan was to put all the awesome movies, games and music that has influenced my life on that bad boy for you guys to sink your teeth into, but that probably would have taken at least 5 DVDs and between smearing myself with baby oil and klapping the cricket ous, I just didn’t have the time this week.

Instead, you’ll be getting a selection of FULL ALBUMS from a whole lot of artists you’ve probably never heard of but who WILL change your life.



Holler if you track that sick puppy down, would be cool to know a reader found it and not a total random.

Otherwise tune in tomorrow for a post of epic proportions and wish J-Rab and I luck.

In the meantime, here’s a quote that perfectly sums up how I’m feeling at present and if you get the reference, how the rest of the weekend is going to roll out:

There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning.

Later Party People Winking smile



Rocking The Daisies Must-See Bands (Part 3)

bloc-party-050629-799747Excitement for this year’s Rocking The Daisies 2012 is mounting party people! Three sleeps and I’ll be there, cracking open a cold one at Camp Tiger and letting the good times roll.

So in this, the last instalment of my must-see bands, I am going to be tackling the bands you can’t miss on the main stage on Saturday.

Sure, there are other stages and other bands I could be covering, but as mentioned before, I can’t research every band at the festival so if there are other acts you think deserve some love, hit me up in the comments section.

If you’re also in this for the long haul from Thursday to Sunday, then Saturday is either going to make or break the festival for you.

Thursday night you’re probably gonna go balls to the wall and the same goes for the entire day on Friday so by the time Saturday rolls around you’re going to feel like you need a blood transfusion to boost the level of blood in your alcoholstream.



The trick to getting Saturday right will be to take it as super easy as possible during the day. Go for a dip in the dam if you’re feeling brave, indulge in a hot Woshbox shower, get a hearty breakfast in you and down at least a litre or two of orange juice and as much water as you can handle.

Flush your system out, rest up as much as possible and don’t even think about hitting the sauce until at least 4 or 5 in the afternoon because it’s gonna be a looooooooooooooong night and you want to be as fresh as possible when the big acts of RTD12 take to the stage to melt faces.

Though the main stage kicks off at 10am, I’m probably only going to mosey on over there at 12.10pm to catch Southern Gypsey Queen (featuring Al Frost).

It’ll be a bit like holding a defibrillator to my chest, cranking it to 11 and hitting the “charge” button (watch the video below and you’ll see why), but I do love me some loud, bluesey rock and roll.

This is the band sans Mr Frost – throw him in there and you’ve got a guaranteed recipe for face-melting good times.



Dig that drummer. What a flippin boychay.

After that it’ll be time to grab a bite and head back to your campsite for some R&R in the shade. Or go have a float in the dam (inflatable lilos are a must. Or you could go the Tiger route and take an entire inflatable BOAT. Bada-BANG!).

At 2.20pm Moving House are lighting up the main stage, a supergroup of sorts consisting of Andre Pienaar (Ashtray Electric) and Rob Davidson (ex Zebra & Giraffe).

I haven’t been able to find any of their material, but if I can summon the strength, I’ll definitely go check them out just based on the merit of their two previous bands.

The next band to watch out for will be Jeremy Loops at 6.05pm, who is one seriously talented guitarist and songwriter.

As the name suggests, this guy’s loop pedal skills have to be seen to be believed. One man. One guitar. And here’s what he’s capable of:



Insane sheeit right?! People who use loop pedals like that fascinate me because if they fuck up one of the loops, the whole song falls apart. So yeah. No pressure.

After that it’s Desmond And The Tutus on the main stage, but I’m gonna leave that one totally up to you guys.

The new single (“Zim Zala Bim”) has been murdered on local radio to the point where when it came on 5FM the other day the guy in the lane next to me deliberately swerved into oncoming traffic.

But let’s not forget what these guys are capable of. Here’s “Tattoo” off their most recent album Mnusic in case you need some reminding:



After that, run away.

Arno Carstens is up next and he’s probably going to play material off his new album, Atari Gala which, if the first video “Two Dogs” is anything to go by, could very well send you spiralling into a post-90s, ballad-rock depression guaranteed to kill whatever buzz you might have been feeling up until that point.

My advice would be to go line your stomach and start drinking heavily. It’s time to up your game, once Arno clears out it’s going to be two and a half hours of bone-rattling badassery, starting with Shadowclub, the made-in-SA version of The Strokes.



Funny story is I interviewed these guys back in ‘08 before they skyrocketed to fame. I used to do this fucked up show on UJFM called The Tuesday Night Bandslam With Rick Hunter And Al Burton (I was Al Burton).

Myself and Graumpot would go around with a roving mic and arrange to interview bands in weird places like bowling alleys, the Zoo Lake, the planetarium and in the case of Shadowclub, the putt-putt course at Fourways.

Our sound equipment kept fucking out and Jacques from Shadowclub (frontman) had this look like he was smelling a fart throughout the interview.

Then we started playing putt-putt so we could record some funny, random shit like we did for all our shows but Jacques was so over it by that stage he just walked from one course to the next hitting his ball into the water, kicking it around and generally just making it known that he thought the whole thing was a load of shit.



We ended up throwing the interview in the bin. The bassist at the time (forget his name) felt bad and suggested we try again when Jacques was in a better mood.

Second time around, we just interviewed them at Fuel Bar one night before they got onstage to play a gig at Carfax. The interview went a lot better and Jacques seemed to be much more chilled until about 30mins in when he started laughing in this really creepy way and told us he’d taken a large quantity of acid before the interview that felt like it was kicking in.

Crazy cat that guy. In my experience a bit of a douche, but I can’t fault the band, especially not Isaac the drummer, he’s a real stand-up guy and one of the best drummers in the business.



After that, it’s time.

Get your head in the game, smash a tequila or three, go take a long pee, fight for a spot nice and close to the stage and steel yourself.

Bloc Party, this year’s headline act are up at 11.20pm and trust me, you are not gonna want to miss this one.

This band was instrumental in kick-starting the indie movement that’s been rolling out in its various guises over the last decade.

Here’s their best track, “Banquet” which I’ll be losing my goddamned mind to when they rock it live:



So those are my must-see bands on the main stage on Saturday, like I said before, holler if you think any other bands deserve a mention and I’ll gladly show them some love.

Otherwise I’ll try have a review up by Monday / Tuesday after the festival has ended, so watch this space because I have a feeling Daisies is going to be pretty damn epic this year.

You can still get tickets from so get on that if you haven’t already.

Oh, and if you see a guy with a Tiger on his head missioning around, don’t be a stranger Winking smile



The Tiger Swaps His Mind For Tiger-Print Tighty Whiteys

Tiger UndiesI think it’s a testament to my skills as a blogger that I’ve turned SlickTiger into a brand people understand so well that I have not one, but TWO pairs of tiger underpants donated by strangers.

But it doesn’t stop there, as part of Capitec’s “Swapping Mall” initiative at this year’s Rocking The Daisies, I will soon own THREE pairs of tiger underpants!

Can anyone reading this handle that?! I was speechless with joy when Capitec contacted me, offering me the underpants you see in the picture above in exchange for something, anything, that I’d like to offer up in return.

It’s such a killer idea. You bring something you’d like to swap to Rocking The Daisies this year (can literally be anything you don’t want) and at the Capitec stand you can exchange it for anything your heart fancies.

The last time they did this, they valued your item and gave you an appropriate number of swapping vouchers so that someone swapping their broken Havaianas can’t walk away with a Macbook Pro (no lies, someone actually brought a Macbook Pro to swap).

Here’s a vid explaining the whole concept:



So the burning question I’m sure you’re thinking is what am I offering in return for the incredible pair of underwear you see below:



Well, as you may have guessed from the titles of this post, I will be exchanging MY MIND for those undeniably sexy briefs.

As I write this I am already downloading my favourite movies, songs, games and other random junk that has influenced my life in one way or another from my mind onto a DVD (DVDs?).

Hopefully I can finish it in time to post a pic on this site before Thursday so you can hunt it down instead of some random who’ll probably think they’ve stumbled on a bunch of DVDs made by a raving lunatic.

I’m calling it “The Tiger’s Mind”. Lemme know if you manage to track it down, could be worth hundreds one day.



Rocking The Daisies Must-See Bands (Part 2)

KongosNow that I’ve recovered from the “IDFFLT” state that I found myself in last week, it’s time to get things back on track with my second Rocking The Daisies Must-See Bands post.

Originally I was going to break this festival down stage by stage until I realised how much work that would be on my part.

Instead, I decided to go day by day rather, a much less painful option.

So the first post pretty much covers everything for Thursday as there’s only going to be one stage up and running. Come Friday however, the festival will start coming alive and when it does, these are the bands you need to check out.

One more disclaimer before I start though – all the bands I’m recommending are playing on the main stage.

Yes, I know how lame that is, most people will just go to the main stage by default so I probably don’t need to big up any of the bands playing there, but holyfuckingshit, I’m writing this post on a machine that crawls like a goddamned dying snail, it’s already taken me THREE FUCKING HOURS just to find the videos below.



As much as I’d love to give other bands and artists from the Beach Bar Stage, the Nu World Beat Barn and the Electro Stage some love, that will literally take me another ten hours at the very least.

If ANYONE reading this knows other sick bands and artists performing on the Friday, drop a video link in the comments section below and if I get enough, I’ll write a follow-up post to this one.

Moving on, Friday kicks off at 1pm on the main stage with the Black Handed Kites. This band will make for a perfect, chilled start to the day with their acoustic guitar / banjo folky vibes. Check out their video for “Up”.



The next band I’d keep an eye out for on the main stage is Beatenberg, who are stepping up to do their thang at 3.10pm.

They’ve got a nice acoustic pop vibe, easy listening kinda stuffs to zone out to and get lost in. Really liked the sound of their track “Scorpionfish”, check it:



Anyone planning to indulge in some shrooms or anything else of a hallucinogenic nature should probably give the main stage a wide berth at around 5.20pm when The Brother Moves On take to the stage.

Or not. Depending on what you can handle…

These guys are like the Mars Volta of African music. Massively experimental, they won’t be everyone’s cuppa tea but I’ll definitely make an effort to see these guys. Should be pretty entertaining to watch if nothing else.



Of all the bands playing the main stage on the Friday, the first one to really make me sit up and listen when I was researching this piece was Machineri, who are up at 6.25pm.

From the couple of tracks of theirs I’ve managed to dig up, I like what I’m hearing. The guitarist Andre Geldenhuys is on a whole other level and the vocalist Sannie Fox has a Jefferson Airplane / Janis Joplin vocal tone that is all kinds of sexy.



Once Machineri have melted a few faces, I’d strongly recommend EVERYONE AT THE FESTIVAL heads to the Lemon Tree Theatre to watch Dylan Skews do the funniest stand-up you’re likely to see the entire weekend.

I watched this man at Synergy and literally cried laughing. Here’s a clip I dug up of some of his material from last year:



After that, I’d grab a bite to eat, smash a few tequilas and get ready for Friday’s big acts, starting with Isochronous, (who recently shortened their name to ISO), who are up at 9.40pm.

They wrote a pretty mesmerising, almost ethereal kind of indie which balances nicely with the Ben Gibbard / Death Cab For Cutie vocals.

Here’s a taste:



Last up is a band that I will personally kick you in the shin if you even think about missing.

Kongos are up at 11pm and they are going to blow everyone the fuck away. You can pretty much take that to the bank.

Here’s their video for “I’m Only Joking” if you don’t believe me.



Love those Queens Of The Stone Age / robot rock vibes. That relentless, driving bassline sounds like something stolen straight from Song For The Deaf, beyatiful.

If you’ve still got any strength left in you after that, I think it’ll be worth staying to watch BEAST, Inge Bergman’s new band.

I loved Lark, so even though I haven’t been able to find any of BEAST’s material to show you guys, I have high hopes for this band.

So that’s Friday for ya, anyone have any other suggestions of bands to watch, don’t be shy Winking smile



Rocking The Daisies Must-See Bands (Part 1)

Wstock MafiaFor those of you that didn’t catch my tweet earlier this week, my media accreditation for Rocking The Daisies has been sorted!

Having learned the hard way from Synergy last year, this time around I kept it classy and applied way the hell in advance and having seen the lineup I am beyond fucking excited.

So every Friday leading up to RTD12 I’ll be posting videos and tracks from the bands you HAVE to catch this year come hell or high water.

To keep it simple I’m breaking it down one stage every week, starting with the Thursday night “Campsite Stage” which kicks off at 6pm.

Man-o-man what I wouldn’t give to be able to get through in time to set up and have all my shit together to catch the bands on Thursday night, but at this stage it ain’t lookin likely.

IF I do manage to make it though, it’s probably not going to be before 8pm, which sucks gigantic balls because it means I’ll miss Woodstock Mafia who, in my humble opinion, are probably the best band playing on Thursday night.

Just watch this video. Seriously. It’s fucking awesome.



How fucking intense is that solo?! Christ, gimme a minute while I quickly mop my face back up.

Right after them another sick band will be hitting up the Campsite Stage just after 8pm, The Very Wicked, who have a pretty sick stoner / desert / 70s rock vibe.

Another reason to get your ass to Darling on Thursday.



I actually heard that song earlier this year when the video was first released and had no idea they were South African. Apparently their live debut is going down on 19 Sept (next week Wednesday) at SGT Pepper on Long Street.

Carrying on in the 60s garage rock vibe, another sick band to catch on the Thursday night will be The Future Primitives whose track “Try On Something That’s Really You” is packed to the max with dirty surf rock vibes.



And last but not least, the main act on the Thursday at the Campsite stage will be Goodnight Wembley who are on just after 11pm.

I’ll be honest, the single that’s playing on 5FM at the moment isn’t really blowing my hair back, but I have a feeling these guys have a couple aces up their sleeves because Goodnight Wembley is a supergroup consisting of the guys from Taxi Violence, 7th Son, Dead Lucky and Yes Sir!Mister Machine.



And that, boys and girls, is the down lizzo for Thursday night at RTD12. If I can make it there, you bet your ass I’ll be losing my mind to the bands above.

Have a killer weekend Party People, see y’all at the beach tomorrow Winking smile