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Meanwhile, Back At 2OVR / Ballz Radio HQ…

aodv8ot7l7ix2yyrdm7x9t9sepmjzpdtyehsI’ve been posting like a jackass this week because work is ramming its fist up my butt, so I missed the boat on the latest update on Radiogate on Monday.

MyBroadband put together a crack team to crunch the numbers provided by NetDynamix for 2OceansVibe and Ballz and Shaun Dewberry was on the money.

2OceansVibe Radio and Ballz Visual Radio’s listenership figures are grossly inflated, but if you believe 2OceansVibe’s official statement, it would seem that the blame for this rests squarely on NetDynamix’s shoulders, (who they have subsequently parted ways with in favour of “world leader” Triton). Or does it…?


Are SA Internet Radio Stations Fluffing Their Listenership Figures?

detectivejpgAs a blogger I often find myself reading stats from other sites and wondering how, in the name of all that is holy, they manage to get numbers like that.

It’s a subjective topic at the best of times because if I look at this site, the figures WordPress gives me vs Google Analytics vs Afrigator are all different.

This creates a grey area that I think some bloggers exploit to secure advertising for their blogs, but that’s just my opinion backed up by casual observations and my gut feeling. When it comes to internet radio stations in SA however, the evidence that they’re fluffing their figures is far more compelling…