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Meanwhile, Back At 2OVR / Ballz Radio HQ…

aodv8ot7l7ix2yyrdm7x9t9sepmjzpdtyehsI’ve been posting like a jackass this week because work is ramming its fist up my butt, so I missed the boat on the latest update on Radiogate on Monday.

MyBroadband put together a crack team to crunch the numbers provided by NetDynamix for 2OceansVibe and Ballz and Shaun Dewberry was on the money.

2OceansVibe Radio and Ballz Visual Radio’s listenership figures are grossly inflated, but if you believe 2OceansVibe’s official statement, it would seem that the blame for this rests squarely on NetDynamix’s shoulders, (who they have subsequently parted ways with in favour of “world leader” Triton). Or does it…?

Sorry, that last sentence was a shameless attempt at getting people to hit the “Read the full post” link. I honestly don’t know who is at fault here.

2OceansVibe Radio and Ballz both claim they were duped by the evil NetDynamix which is why they published hourly listenership figures in the region of 50 000 when in truth Ballz gets about 200 unique listeners at peak times and 2OceansVibe Radio gets 300.

Given another week, I’m not sure if anyone is going to give a shit about this anymore. I know I for one am nearing that point because it no longer matters who lied about what – the truth is out there, internet radio in South Africa is listened to by pretty much no one and that is piss poor.

Still though, I did get a kick out of this Hitler Rant video that got posted on Sunday:



I guess the real question that needs to be asked at the end of the day is why those listenership figures are so low.

Despite what my previous post on this subject might have implied, I’m a firm believer in the medium of internet radio and the power it has to deliver awesome content, so what gives?

Have South Africans just not tuned in yet? Is bandwidth still an issue? Or is the content itself just plain shite?

Hit me up if you feel like weighing in on this one, I value your opinions very highly because you read this site so that immediately means you pretty much have a genius-level IQ and are a buncha total badasses.



Are SA Internet Radio Stations Fluffing Their Listenership Figures?

detectivejpgAs a blogger I often find myself reading stats from other sites and wondering how, in the name of all that is holy, they manage to get numbers like that.

It’s a subjective topic at the best of times because if I look at this site, the figures WordPress gives me vs Google Analytics vs Afrigator are all different.

This creates a grey area that I think some bloggers exploit to secure advertising for their blogs, but that’s just my opinion backed up by casual observations and my gut feeling. When it comes to internet radio stations in SA however, the evidence that they’re fluffing their figures is far more compelling…

Enter 32 year old IT Specialist Shaun Dewberry who decided to do some digging when it comes to the listenership figures the stations 2OceansVibe Radio, Ballz Internet Radio and KingfisherFM are publishing (read his report here before you read the rest of this post).

All I can say is what he uncovered was very interesting to say the least.

Among other things, Shaun discovered that the Shoutcast servers that are hosting all three of those stations each have set a maximum limit of listeners that would seem to be substantially  lower than the number of listeners they claim to get.

Here’s a table to illustrate this point:




Ballz Visual Radio 8 500 (calculated from 51 000 between 12 and 6pm)

3 000

Kingfisher FM 26 (calculated from 20 000 in the month of March)


2OceansVibe Radio 60 000 (calculated from nothing. This is the figure 2OceansVibe claims)



In the case of Kingfisher FM, their figures are plausible so from here on in I’ll stop picking on them. Shame.

As for Ballz, sure their hourly figures are higher than their maximum set number of listeners, but we need to account for the fact that listeners tune in and out.

In other words, for them to get 8 500 listeners in an hour that means that every 20 minutes 2 833 listeners need to tune in and out which, though it might sound like a high number, is believable considering that they have some big names like Sasha Martinengo, Darren Scott and a host of scantily clad “Weather Girls” (thanks for the idea 2OceansVibe!) driving listenership.

HOWEVER, for 2Oceansvibe Radio to do the numbers they have published according to their 150 listener limit, it would mean that roughly 16 people would have to tune out and 16 new ones tune in every second for the full hour.

That’s if you listen for one second. If the average listener tunes in for 5 minutes, that figure rockets to 5 000 people tuning in and 5 000 tuning out every 5 minutes or 20 000 people tuning in and out every 20 minutes if you want to compare this figure with Ballz Radio’s modest 2 833 during the same time frame.

Is that fish I smell…?



Of course, all of this is based on the assumption that the maximum possible number of people are listening to these stations all the time. So yeah, in layman’s terms, they are based on your Tiger pal giving these stations the benefit of the doubt.

When Shaun actually tracked the listenership numbers that Shoutcast was reporting over the course of the past week he found that on average, Ballz Radio peaks at about 210 listeners per day and 2OceansVibe peaks at just under 40!


Now before you go grabbing your torches and pitchforks, I’d like to conclude by pointing out two simple facts before I bow out – firstly I am not passing judgement on either of these internet radio stations until they are offered an opportunity to properly address Shaun’s report and provide substantial evidence to support how they got to the numbers they did.

And secondly, phoning Shaun up and bullying him on your show is NOT the way to properly address this issue and to be perfectly honest, just makes you look more guilty.



So yeah, Ballz and 2Oceansvibe, over to you guys.