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The Tiger Hits Up Nothing But Trouble, Has Insane Night

1016737_584734421549850_1621447191_nSo last week I told you guys all about the Nothing But Trouble white collar boxing event that was going down at Sideshow on Saturday which promised to be the sickest night imaginable.

Combine a 1920s prohibition theme, badass amateur boxing, big ticket sponsors and the fact that my man Big City fought like a flippin’ CHAMPION and you have all the makings of a seriously killer time.

Also, don’t forget the whisky. Never forget the whisky. It flowed like sweet nectar and resulted in me getting home in the wee hours only to pull my weathered edition of William Blake’s Complete Works off the shelf and start reading The Proverbs Of Hell to J-Rab at 2am.


White Collar Prohibition Style Boxing Hits Cape Town

Nothing But TroubleThere’s this guy I work with, name’s “Big City”, comes into work one day and says, “I’m a boxer now. My opening fight’s on 13th July. DJs and shit will be there, it’ll be rad.”

He had me at “I’m a boxer now” because isn’t that every man’s dream? Get into a ring, mano-e-mano and duke it out like our forefathers and their forefathers have been doing in some form since the dawn of man?

The event’s called “Nothing But Trouble” and it features 7 bouts of amateur, White Collar boxing all in aid of the “Dare To Share” charity. It’s going down this Saturday (13th July) at Sideshow (previously The Fez) and it’s gonna be sick.