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The Perfect Series Of YouTube Clips For Movie Cynics

0I hate to admit it but I’ve become a right cynical basterd when it comes to movies. I blame the rise of awesome TV series for this, they have completely changed the way I consume media.

I want my entertainment in 40 minute bursts damnit! I want it in bite sized chunks and I want it to carry on for years! What is this two hour, watch a bunch of assholes I don’t care about bullshit?!

So admittedly I find it hard to enjoy movies the way I used to, which is why I find the “Everything Wrong With…” Youtube videos so awesome – they’re like a movie critic’s Shangri-La.


Movie Review: Skyfall

skyfall-main_1Your Tiger pal was fortunate enough to get invited to a premier of the new James Bond film Skyfall on Tuesday night by the Hunter’s Dry brand team and man-o-man did they get it right!

I’ve been to three events at the Nu Metro cinema Prive this year and of all three, Tuesday night’s shindig was the best because Hunter’s stuck to a couple of simple rules that can literally make or break an event.

Namely, if you’re hosting an event after work, serve lots of food. The Hunter’s team not only did this, but they also kept the free Hunter’s flowing. So the start of the evening was awesome – they showed us the new Hunter’s Dry advert, people clapped, it was great. Then Skyfall started…