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The Kooks #5Gum Gonzo Experiment Pays Off

X457fTV_JmiRDfVt-lCFFRfH6iUUAwkzkcJ-nkYG9Ao,4qctKN-KXstYv0t6X1IU7jYSOBbDNRBBPehftsc1E20So as you guys know, week before last I gave away some tickets for The #5GumExperience Kooks show in Cape Town in the premise that whoever I gave them to would operate as a spy for SlickTiger Industries.

I was looking for a gonzo-approach to the gig, someone who could slip under my skin and BE the Tiger for the night so they could tell us all about it because tragically, I couldn’t make it.

The girl who won the competition, Leah, stepped up to the plate and wrote the following review of the gig for her Tiger pal and took a whole bunch of pics as well which I’ve taken the liberty to caption below.


Escape Monday: The World’s Most Surreal Places (Part Dos)

main-qimg-0068b231ea35173e9f15c7d533e462caI try to keep my promises here at SlickTiger Industries headquarters, which means when I say I’m going to post more insane pics of the World’s Most Surreal Places, I make that shit happen.

You’d be forgiven for thinking these pics had been digitally manipulated in some way because the places you are about to see are seriously that bizarre / staggeringly beautiful.

Just so we’re all above board and I don’t get sued for rampant plagiarism, these images and all the ones in the previous post are from this site ( Next week we’re going to take things to the next level and check out surreal man-made places.


SLACKTIGER! An Apology From SlickTiger Industries

4107030-happy-young-businesspeople-having-meeting-in-boardroom-at-office-in-front-of-a-huge-plasma-tv-screenGood day.

We here at SlickTiger Industries would like to issue an official apology for the tardy manner in which content has been posted on this weblog over the past few weeks. The poor effort that has gone into populating the site with “radass stuffs” is by no means a reflection of what to expect in 2013.

The truth is that the site’s creator and chief content-generator has spent the past three weeks on leave, growing a beard (pictured below), drinking whisky and making a concerted effort to mirror the sleeping patterns of his cat.


A Post For The Children

Once in awhile, us kind folks here at SlickTiger Industries take a break from posting about completely random / crazy / mentally disturbing subject matter and try to do a little good in this cold, cruel world of ours.

Of course, these posts are seldom very popular because no one is interested in humanitarianism unless there’s something in it for them.

Don’t be one of those people. A good friend of mine is entering the following video into the 2011 Cannes Lions 48 Hour Ad Contest. She scripted, shot and edited this video in exactly two days in order to raise awareness for


SlickTiger Industries © Presents…

It’s been a long time in the making, but I’m finally ready to announce something pretty mindblowing that is going to feature right here, on this, the MOST ill-conceived site on the interwebs EVER.

The idea came to me in a rare moment of clarity while I was washing the dishes last night and the second it struck me, my jaw went completely slack, like a punch-drunk fighter taking a haymaker right in the FACE.



I immediately told the idea to J-Rab and she got that look on her face that is a perfect mixture of bewilderment and mild panic, which is how I knew I had NAILED IT.