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The 3 Survivor Seasons They Would Never Make But Totally Should

Jeff Probst Tribal Council SurvivorJ-Rab and I are hopelessly addicted to Survivor. There, I’ve said it. Judge me all you like, but holy balls that show is addictive.

We know people who know people and get us all the Survivor seasons before SA gets them (SABC 3 is about to wrap up S20, in the States they’re about to start S25).

Then we curl up to watch an entire season in two or three nights, one episode after the next until it’s finished, like two junkies mainlining reality TV, which is how I got to thinking about the kinds of Survivor seasons I’d make if I were in charge.


New Muse Single Sounds Like… Muse

museI mentioned yesterday that Muse were going to debut their new single on BBC Radio One yesterday evening and I’d try get my filthy mitts on it for you guys and thanks to Civilian, it’s a done deal.

No idea why music sites reported that Muse were going to debut the single “Unsustainable” off their new album The 2nd Law, because they debuted “Survivor”.

Get used to hearing this one, it’s been selected as the official song for the 2012 Olympics which is awesome when I think back to the fact that the first Olympics I remember watching was in 1992 and the official song was written by Pavarotti.


Existor: A Whole Other Level Of Reality TV

So I’ve got this idea for a killer reality TV series, I’ve had it for awhile actually and I’m gonna lay it on you, but please promise me you won’t steal it, I like you and wouldn’t want to have to track you down and feed you to the pigs.



Everyone has watched the mother of all reality shows, Survivor, at some stage or another. It was the original reality show (except maybe Big Brother? Not too sure…) and people lapped that shit up because it exploited our twin desires to indulge our voyeuristic tendencies and fantasize about what it would be like to be ‘stranded’ on a tropical island with a bunch of complete strangers.