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“Electronic Blood” Soon To Be A Reality

terminatorIt’s not often that I post tech-related stuffs here on TFW, but when I read this piece on Mashable this morning it blew my mind to tiny little pieces so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

IBM is looking for a way to cool computers the way the human body cools the brain because one of the major setbacks when it comes to boosting computing power and processing speeds is overheating.

IBM’s Patrick Ruch and Bruno have built a proof-of-concept computer chip that contains tiny channels that would circulate an electrolyte fluid past electronic components in order to cool them down.


Escape Monday: Rad Behind The Scenes Photos From Famous Films

16-Photos-From-Behind-The-Scenes-Of-Famous-Films-16Watching movies you forget that when they were being made, the cameras probably spent more time off than on and what was a super serious, iconic scene quickly turned into bored actors dicking around.

That’s why I love stumbling on pics like these that give you a taste of what was happening behind the curtain when movies like Jaws, Star Wars, Terminator and The Shining were being made.

It’s a pretty cool reminder that despite the massive impact these films have had on pop culture, they were made by people just like you and I who were probably bored to tears a lot of the time.


Nokia Lumia 800 Two Weeks In

nokia-lumia-800-2Friday will have been exactly two weeks since the Nokia Lumia 800 got dropped off for your Tiger pal to review so I’ve had some time to get to know my little cyan buddy more intimately.

Though I have encountered one or two frustrations over the last two weeks, they are far outweighed by the slickness of the Windows 7 OS and the great features the Lumia 800 is packing.

This week I’ll be tackling Twitter and Facebook, having a look at some more of the nifty “live tiles”, checking out the 8MP Carl Zeiss camera and reviewing the battery life.

The “Me” Live Tile


Okes Who Like To KLAP IT #4 – Wolfpack RFC Vs Durbanville 5

Wolfpack1Jassis ma charnas, but did I watch a HELLUVA flippin’ TIGHT rukby games on Saturday! It was just laaik that flippin’ movie ROCKY 1 when that MASSIVE AND RIPPED oke does all the one-arm pushups and then MOERS the meat in the freezer, only this time the BUFF CHARNA was WOLFPACK RFC and the meat in the freezer was Durbanville 5.

It was a game full of surprises, the first one being the fact that the flippin Durbanville 5 team kept flippin’ SCORING TRIES against the MONSTER OKES in the Wolfpack!


The Most Hungover I’ve Ever Been At Work

It’s Friday guys, hell yeah! Hands up who’s hungover from smashing tequilas into their face last night! C’mon, be honest – you at the back there, what’s your name? Eh? Dave? Fuck dude, you look like something I watched come out of a stray dog’s backside once, what the fuck are you doing at work?!



Fridays when I’m hungover at work always remind me of the infamous Friday-that-shall-not-be-named a few years back when I dragged my sorry ass to work, praying with all the strength left in me that my hangover would just cut the fucking foreplay and kill me already.


The New Miss SA might Be a Cyborg…

We were flipping randomly through TV channels last night when we came across the crucial last two minutes that were the Miss SA Pageant 2009. We missed the entire rest of the show, which was a pity – I would have loved to have heard this year’s winner, Nicole Flint being interviewed by the panel of judges because I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s a cyborg.



Wikipedia defines a cyborg as ‘is a cybernetic organism (i.e., an organism that has both artificial and natural systems).’ Many have argued that cyborgs are the next step in human evolution, as they represent a kind of perfect union between humans and machines, an occurrence that is referred to as ‘the singularity’ (Ray Kurzweil was one of the first dudes to define the term).