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Escape Monday: Rad Behind The Scenes Photos From Famous Films

16-Photos-From-Behind-The-Scenes-Of-Famous-Films-16Watching movies you forget that when they were being made, the cameras probably spent more time off than on and what was a super serious, iconic scene quickly turned into bored actors dicking around.

That’s why I love stumbling on pics like these that give you a taste of what was happening behind the curtain when movies like Jaws, Star Wars, Terminator and The Shining were being made.

It’s a pretty cool reminder that despite the massive impact these films have had on pop culture, they were made by people just like you and I who were probably bored to tears a lot of the time.


Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

the-dark-knight-rises-new-featuretteJ-Rab and I hit up the Dark Knight Rises premier last night courtesy of Nokia, who used the opportunity to officially launch the Lumia 900, and wow, what a brilliant movie.

Because I realise most of you haven’t seen it yet, I’m going to try and keep this as vague as possible in terms of the actual plot.

Co-writer and director Christopher Nolan is nothing if not a master of genius plot twists and the last thing I want to do is give his art away so don’t worry, this review is spoiler-alert free.

For starters, and I think this goes without saying, don’t go into The Dark Knight Rises expecting a movie that is anything like its predecessor.