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Angels From Hell – Another Badass 8 Tracks Mix From Your Tiger Pal

8D92F4FFFThat’s right boys and girls, your Tiger pal’s been busy putting together another suh-lick 8Tracks mix to blow your fragile little minds clear into the weekend, ffffffffffuck yeah!

This time around I thought I’d focus on the fairer sex because in my humble opinion there is a fuckload of very cool, fresh and genuinely incredible rock music being made by girls at the moment.

So here are 18 tracks from a whole buncha bands you may never have heard of (Anna Calvi? Cults? Marissa Nadler? Savages? The Kills? Hello? Is this thing on?) because I’m rad like that and I think you guys will really like this stuff.


Friday Playlist: Bong Rippin’ Badassery

org_bongIt’s Friday bitches and if you’re down here in Cape Town with your Tiger pal it’s a goddamn beautiful day, ain’t no doubt about it.

The first golden rays of summer are finally shining through the shitty winter we’ve been having which is cause enough to celebrate by loading a massive bong when you get home and ripping that mofo for everything it’s worth.

“But wait!” I hear you say, “I need some killer music if I’m going down that road man!” Well, what the fuck dude? Didn’t you read the title of this blog post? I got you covered broheme. Just hit up the 8Tracks playlist I put together below and let the good times roll!


Bushmills Whiskey-barrel Sunglasses

bodega-shwood-the-bushmills-sunglasses-01I love Bushmills Irish Whiskey. I can openly say that now without any fear of backlash or recrimination in any way because I don’t work on the brand anymore.

But I used to. And during that time I fell in love with that whiskey. It’s just such a cool and totally underrated brand with one of the most badass stories to tell.

How many other whiskies out there can say they licensed their distillery over FOUR HUNDRED years ago? Bushmills is the staple when it comes to authentic, iconic Irish Whiskey. And now they’re taking their street cred to a whole other level, the badasses.