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Back In THe Game

It’s been rough, rough, rough, rough, rough, rough, rough going, but I think my life is slowing down a little, just long enough for me to grab some time to post again so you, my loyal readers, don’t have to keep coming back to the site and reading about the Whisky Live Festival.

The last week has been chaotic, but amidst the maelstrom of travelling back to Jozi, doing Whisky Live up there, hooking up media interviews for a certain whisky celebrity and checking out the world’s first ‘Stunt Snail’, I met The Simpsons!




Album Review: Spoon – Transference

Spoon is one of those bands that you’ve definitely heard of before but if you had to name one of their singles or even an album chances are you’d draw a big, fat blank.

This is because even though the band has been playing since 1993, they’ve never managed to break into the mainstream music scene. Sure, some of their songs have featured in TV series such as Scrubs, Veronica Mars and The Simpsons and the movies Stranger Than Fiction and Cloverfield, but if you can name one song that featured in any of those (WITHOUT Wikipediaing ‘Spoon’) you’ll win a prize!*


How to listen to the White Stripes

Buy every album they’ve ever recorded (which, in chronological order are: ‘The White Stripes’, ‘De Stijl’, ‘White Blood Cells’, ‘Elephant’, ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ and ‘Icky Thump’), throw them all into a playlist and play on shuffle for an hour.

People are so bitchy about them, but The White Stripes are a great band. There’s enough variation in the music they write to keep their sound interesting, and Jack White’s lyrics are a cool combination of insightfulness and inanity.



I’m kicking back with some White Stripes now spending the day swimming, eating mind blowingly good couscous salad (with bacon in there, avo, feta, rocket, chopped butter lettuce, salad dressing and baby Italian plum tomatoes), tidying the flat and playing Torchlight.