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Vice Magazine Finds The Real Walter White

The Real WWSheeit, I might as well just call this the Breaking Bad fansite. I hardly post for three weeks and then it’s BreakingBadBreakingBadBreakingBad until your eyeballs are bleeding all over your keyboard.

But this video needs to be watched by you right now. It’s the story of the real Walter White – an actual meth cook who became a drug kingpin in the early 2000s before he was taken down by the fuzz.

It’s a helluva lot less glamorous than the show. For starters, all he did was cook the meth, leave it at random collection points and then go back the next day to collect a big fat wad of cash.


Vice Magazine Gets Its Own HBO Show

nettie-r-harris-x-ryan-mcginley-vice-magazineIt’s no secret that Vice Magazine is basically one of the last bastions of awesome, gonzo-styled journalism left on the face of the planet.

I mean holy shit, did you guys watch the video of the Vice journalist who takes acid and goes to the dog show? Or what about the piece recently published by a Vice journalist who visited the Playboy mansion?

Well now HBO is giving Vice their own show in which founder Shane Smith and a group of his top correspondents travel the world to visit the scariest and most absurd cultures and situations they can find. Pretty fucking sick, ne?

Check it:



A Snapshot Of The Future

jannah-scifiI purposefully didn’t write a post on Steve Jobs last week because while I recognise the fact that he’s a visionary and has had a MAJOR impact on the way we interact with technology, I felt I didn’t know enough about him to be able to write something which you wouldn’t have already read 1 000 times.

Then I came across this video of a 1 year old girl playing with an iPad and, after that, trying to use a magazine in the same way and it really made me stop and think about what our lives have become.


In the forests of Chernobyl…

I watched this Vice Magazine DVD awhile back where the writers went to all these really horrible and fucked up places basically so that they could show the world how bad these places really are so you’d never have to visit them yourself.

“The Vice Guide To Travel” I think it was called.

Anyway, one of the places they visited was Chernobyl where they walked around with a device that measures the radioactivity of the area around you and in most places it wasn’t actually that bad, but then they got a whole bunch of guns and struck out for these woods where the radiation levels are dangerously high to go hunt fucking mutant animals.