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Vice Magazine Spends A Day With A Russian Billionaire

OligarchRussia, if my sources can be trusted, is one big, badass place that you do not fuck with. The people there live in sub-zero temperatures for most of the year, drink like their lives depend on it and are tough as coffin nails.

The drinking in particular is something that is apparently 100 times more intense than you could imagine. My cousin lives in Vladivostok, when he goes out with business associates, pre-drinks are tumblers full of neat Vodka.

By the time the party is in full swing, you’re so plastered your basic motor functions are packing up one by one, while your Russian buddies are just getting into the swing of things.


The Highest I’ve Ever Been In My Goddamned Life

Compared to some, my drug rap sheet is pretty average.

A little this and that while I was at varsity, the same stuff everyone’s tried (except for the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds – I’m probably the only person dumb enough to ever try those…), a few nights and days of rampant infectious craziness but that was it, I cashed out before I got in over my head and I’m fucking glad about that.

But ironically, the highest I’ve ever been came after that period in my life on a quiet summer evening when I was shot so full of drugs I slipped into a waking coma and emerged from it feeling like some kind of Messiah descended from heaven, God’s own son, sent to save the world by just loving everyone and everything in it with all my being.


The Three Evilest Shots You’ll Ever Drink

If you’re the type of person who enjoys this blog, then I’m just gonna jump right in there, take a shot in the dark and guess that you probably don’t mind a drink from time to time.

You don’t mind a drink from time to time, you don’t mind going out with your friends and maybe doing a sneaky tequila or two, you have nothing against that. You don’t mind opening a fine bottle of wine and drinking the whole thing by yourself, that’s fine by you, and you don’t mind taking a hip flask of whisky to work everyday and taking large gulps under your desk when no one’s looking, you know, just to steady your hands a little.