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Back In THe Game

It’s been rough, rough, rough, rough, rough, rough, rough going, but I think my life is slowing down a little, just long enough for me to grab some time to post again so you, my loyal readers, don’t have to keep coming back to the site and reading about the Whisky Live Festival.

The last week has been chaotic, but amidst the maelstrom of travelling back to Jozi, doing Whisky Live up there, hooking up media interviews for a certain whisky celebrity and checking out the world’s first ‘Stunt Snail’, I met The Simpsons!




Whisky Live FEstival – CT Leg

Last week was insane.

There really is no other way to describe it. I work exclusively on whisky clients so you better believe when the FNB Whisky Live Festival hits, all there is to do is batten down the fucking hatches, grit your teeth and plough through it.



Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I worked between 14 and 15 hours straight. If I saw J-Rab for longer than an hour on each one of those days, it was a long time.

Thing is, in the evenings I was working one of the stands at the festival, pouring fine Irish whiskey and trying my best to teach people a thing or two about what I strongly believe is the most magnificent spirit ever distilled.