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sad-panda2Last night, after two glorious months of coming home every night to a shiny black Xbox Kinect, I finally had to pack my new best friend up so he can be shipped off to his new home.

Opening up his box to pack him away brought all the memories we’ve shared over the last two months flooding back.

The moment when we first unpacked him and plugged him in and his little Kinect sensor nodded slowly up and down, trying to find me like a baby bird so that I could regurgitate some food into his little mouth.


SlickTiger Rocks The Xbox Kinect (week2)

Today is exactly two weeks since I hooked up my Xbox review unit with the Kinect sensor and started jamming the three games that came with it (Kinect Adventures, Dance Central and Kinect Sports) and to be perfectly honest, the novelty is starting to wear off.

In the beginning I raced home to fire up the Xbox and get my game on, anxious to get stuck into a mean 100m sprint in Kinect Sports or unlock the next difficulty level in Kinect Adventures, and lemme tell you, you can work up a mean sweat playing those games, its a far more intense gaming experience that the Wii is but that’s exactly the problem.


The Tiger Life – Episode 2

Ok. Now we’re getting somewhere.

This one turned out a lot better than the last one and without sounding like a total douche, I’m really proud of this little piece of random interweb video.

Please join me as we enter the world of the 27Dinners to interview geeks and gamers and watch the new XBox Kinect system in action.

Good times Winking smile