Okes Who Like To Klap It #11: DASO Poster

DASOSo I’m checking out the interwebs yesterday night and I come across this DA Student Organisation news article that has a picture of this DASO poster that okes are KAKKING theirselves about.

So I check out the poster and I can INSTANTLY SEE why okes are talking about this thing all over the interwebs.

It takes a flippin CLEVER OU to be able to see through all the other stuffs that can cloud a oke’s mind when it comes to sensitive issues such as these ones, which is why, by just looking at the poster below for 3 seconds, I could check what the whole issue with it is about.

So I want you to do me a favour and look AS HARD AS YOU CAN at the picture below and tell me what is the first thing that springs into mind:



I swear to GOD, you gotta be some kind of CHOPHEAD to miss a thing so obvious!


It doesn’t surprise me at the least that this is getting so much controversy because never in a political poster in the world, EVER, have they featured a oke who likes to KLAP IT as much as this oke does.

Check his lats out! And how’s that bicep! Flip boet! This picture are OFF THE CHAIN MA BOYCHAY!

He’s also got quite a lekker belter there with him who’s got a flippin’ AMAZING tan happening. She can maybe share some of her tanning tips with that ou cause ja… he could use a bit of sun hey?

Anyway, the DASO okes are on a whole OTHER LEVEL for putting this charna on their political poster and addressing a CRUCIAL ISSUE in South African society of NOT ENOUGH OKES WHO LIKE TO KLAP IT IN POLITICS.

Arnold Schwartzenegger got to be President of California he klapped it so hard, and I think we can ALL learn a lesson from that.



DASO, you okes are flippin’ amazing. South Africa needs more posters like that one.


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