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The Tiger Lifeless

There will be no Tiger Life episode this week, sorry boys and girls.

I’m sick. SickTiger. I have an ear infection so bad I’m deaf in my left ear. Last night I got out the ol’ cotton swabs and you don’t wanna know what came out of my ear.

So that’s my excuse for not posting yesterday. My excuse for not posting for the six days prior to that is just sheer laziness. That and an uncharacteristic lack of any kind of inspiration.



My creative energy feels like it’s ebbing away, like in Spiderman 2 when he keeps firing blanks instead of webbing while he’s in mid-swing and ends up falling 50 feet and eating pavement.

We sat through a presentation of up-and-coming SA blog sites yesterday and it was depressing as all hell.

It was like, “And here’s blog x, it’s a wine blog, and here’s blog y, it’s a fashion blog and here’s blog z, it’s a lifestyle blog…” and all the while I was checking these sites out I was thinking, “What the fuck is my blog?”

Who fucking knows. One thing’s for sure, it’s not something that is any any way marketable. It’s not something I could ever make a cent off because it’s purely a project I started to find my voice as a writer and I’ve found that voice now and proven to myself that some people, not a lot, but some people out there actually want to hear that voice.

Boys and girls. I think it’s time for bigger things. I’ll still post on this site whenever I have a moment and I’ll still shoot and cut together the Tiger Life episodes cause I enjoy that, but it’s high time I got started on the script that’s been rattling around inside my empty skull for the last few years.

But yeah, I just want you to know it’s not you, it’s me and we can still be friends. I can’t imagine my life without you.

We’ll always have Klapping Gym, boet.

Your buddy ol’ pal,