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Escape Monday: With Sexist Ads from the 1930s

offending_chinreducerIt’s crazy how advertising has evolved over the past 100-odd years. The messages are all essentially the same, but the way they are communicated have become increasingly complex and manipulative.

Back in the day, things were a little more straightforward. Advertisers had pretty much no shame when it came to targeting women to buy their products as you’ll see in the ads that follow.

The scary thing is that most advertising still plays largely on people’s fears and insecurities, but instead of saying “You are fat / skinny / have bad skin / smell – buy our product” it’s now changed to “She is gorgeous, confident, sexy and perfect because she bought our product.”


Supercut Of The World’s Weirdest Japanese Commercials

JapcommsI’m not sure words can describe the sheer weirdness of the Japanese commercials you are about to see. If you’d told me that creatures from another planet had made these, I would have believed you.

From Power Ranger people riding a bicycle through what look like very real explosions to people in animal costumes with gigantic furry breasts and balls, these are definitely the weirdest commercials I’ve ever seen.

Special mention goes to the “Milk Seafood Noodles” commercial, the classic “Jerry Beans” ad and the fucking awful singing on the chocolate balls ad. Yeah, we’re dialling the weird-shit-o-meter up to 11 today folks, enjoy.



Ford Gives Nissan A Run For Its Money On The Weird-Shit-O-Meter

ford-toadLast year I banged out a post about a Nissan ad that featured irritating little pink ponies that live inside your car and sing crap songs.

At the time, it was the weirdest ad I’d ever seen for a car brand, especially at the end when one of the ponies uses a guttural, demon voice to force you to like their Facebook page.

Well, I have great news people. Ford in Australia have managed to top Nissan by producing an ad that combines talking frogs with drugs and violence, resulting in a whole other level of awesome that puts Nissan’s pink pony weirdness to shame.

Check it:


Okes Who Like To Klap It #12: Old Spice Charna

Expendables Cast Rings New York Stock Exchange ZKAeGmJILlslHazit ma boychays!

So I’m surfing the interwebs the other day just doing my normal thing of checking my emails, writing some kak on vleisboek and looking for pictures of MASSIVE AND RIPPED okes covered in oil looking flippin’ BUFF in there speedos and what do I find?!


I mean, a oke who shouts ALL THE TIME, RIDES TIGERS, HAS BICEPS INSIDE HIS BICEPS, CAN TURN OFF THE SUN, KICK BUILDINGS DOWN and blow his own MIND! Seriously boet, the only way I can explain it is if you watch some of the videos I found.



Two MUST SEE Movies For 2013

brain meltedIt’s not everyday that you see a movie trailer that is packed so full of awesome that your brain instantly melts while you desperately try to figure out what the hell just happened.

Well my friends, I’m about to show you two movie trailers (courtesy of my buddy Peggles, nice one bruv!) that will redefine your own personal standards of amazing film-making and most likely change your life FOREVER!

If you thought Ghanaians had NO IDEA how to make awesome movies, think again! They have been keeping a close watch on Hollywood and learned a trick or two about how to make a badass action movie…



What Happens When Creatives Switch From Coke To LSD

meh.ro5604The stereotype that ad agencies are riddled with cocaine-fuelled creatives who live like rockstars, burn out in their late 30s and then spend the remainder of their lives living in Buddhist retreats mumbling pay-off lines in their sleep isn’t true.

They take other drugs too.

If you don’t believe me, just watch this truly mind-bogglingly bad piece-of-turd advert Brazil produced for the Nissan Frontier that was clearly inspired by a 5 day acid binge.

After you’ve watched it, ask yourself this one simple question: what does that ad make you want to do more, buy a Nissan or drill a hole in your skull?