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SlickTiger Industries Presents: DIVE-BAR GAME REVIEWS

DBGR Ep1I was wading through my Slicky-T fanmail the other day when I stumbled on this intriguing mail from a total badass I used to know from way back.

The long and the short of it is that this total badass (we’ll just call him the TBA for brevity’s sake) now works for Megarom and asked me if I want to review games for the site to which I of course replied “HELL YEAH!”

Which in retrospect might have been a bit hasty seeing as I don’t have a console or a gaming rig that can handle anything more intense than The Sims.

Still though, it didn’t feel right passing up an opportunity to develop a relationship that could one day prove mutually beneficial when I get my shit together and actually buy a console so I told the TBA to send away and I’d figure out a way to give him some love on the site.

Fast forward to later that same day and I’m indulging in my favourite passtime with some buddies (getting drunk and playing pool badly in a dive-bar) when all of a sudden this genius idea strikes me.

My buddies have consoles! They can play the games and all I have to do is interview them about what the games were like, film it, put it on my site and KAPOW! Everyone’s a winner!

And so DIVE-BAR GAME REVIEWS was born in an alcohol-fuelled moment of pure inspiration.

So kick back, pour a whisky, relax and dig Episode 1 where my buddy Graumpot and I chat about Sleeping Dogs.



So yeah. Hope you guys enjoyed our first attempt at a Dive-Bar Game Review. Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges, it’s a little gritty, it’s a little grimy, it could use some colour-grading but it’s one of the few video projects I’ve worked on where, even after sinking about 100 hours into it, watching it doesn’t make me start twitching involuntarily.

Huge thanks to Graum and Blomdog who did me a solid on this considering our production budget was exactly R0.00.

Also a huge thanks to my long-suffering girlfriend J-Rab who spent many a boring night chilling solo in the flat while I cut this badboy up with Blomdog until the early hours.

Feel free to comment on what you thought of our review, but only say good stuff ok? Anyone trolls this I swear to God I will weep like a little girl after the hours I spent sweating blood to make this happen.

Have a killer weekend party people!

Catch ya’ll next week Winking smile