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Escape Monday: With A Whole Lot Of Bullshit

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.51.06 Firstly, a disclaimer. I am writing this post from the future and sending it back in time in an effort to maintain my perfect record of posting every day last week.

Another disclaimer, I am writing using a lot of italics to over-dramatise what is otherwise a fairly normal and barely worth reading sentence and I think it’s working.

This video is actually pretty old but I’m totally fine with that because a) It’s funny, b) It hardly has any views and c) it’s funny. Shout out to Tim, whose Facebook timeline I stole this from. It’s a prime example of how full of bullshit news reports are.


Escape Monday: Light Painting Taken To A Whole New Level

Stay HungryOn the internet, you have two options when it comes to how you handle things. You can suspend disbelief and take things as they are or you can view everything through a lens of infinite doubt.

I suspend disbelief because I enjoy wonder, I like to experience it and not pull it apart through tedious over-analysis. I used to believe in magic as a kid, I guess you could say nothing’s changed.

The work of Finnish photographer Janne Parviainen is an example of a kind of magic. Janne uses long exposure times with a multitude of LED lights to “paint” the beautiful and haunting images you’re about to see.


Escape Monday: Intense Storm-Chaser Pics

Sun shines under long-lived supercell moving across northeast Nebraska May 28, 2004, almost following highway 12 from Niobrara down to Sioux City perfectly.It has been a long-ass time since I last helped you guys Escape Monday and I can only apologise for that. In the last Escape Monday post I wrote, I mentioned that I was going to try something a little different.

See, up until now every time Escape Monday rolled around, I would just trawl the interwebs for cool images and post them on the site, crediting the photographer / artist who created them.

Then I got an email from one of the artists whose work I used saying, “The hell gives you the right to just post my work on your site without having the decency to ask me first if it’s ok?”


Escape Monday: There Is No Escaping Monday

438744This is normally the post where I ease you guys into the week with some beautiful images I find in my travels around the interwebs, but sadly that ain’t happenin’ today.

After a year or so of Escape Monday posts, one of the photographers I featured actually wrote to me recently and said “Take my images down. They aren’t yours and I never said you could use them.”

I argued that I had given him full credit for the images, provided links back to his site and heaped praise on his work. I wasn’t making a cent off it or trying to pass it off as my own, what was the big deal?


Escape Monday: With Hilariously Badly drawn Movie Posters From Ghana

300I actually have a sneaking suspicion I might have posted these ridiculously awesome movie posters before, but I don’t think I posted these exact ones.

The movie posters below remind me of the paintings I used to see in the art department at prep school. The artist is clearly able to draw / paint (kind of), but could definitely use a few lessons to refine his art.

I really shouldn’t judge though. If I had to attempt this, lemme tell you, the results would be about 100 times more hilarious. At varsity I once attempted to copy the cover of a vegetarian cookbook but it ended up looking like a collection of oddly shaped dildos.


Escape Monday: By Being Admitted To A Lunatic Asylum

Portrait_of_a_patient_from_Surrey_County_Asylum,_no._3_(8407139555)I can honestly not think of anything more terrifying than being admitted to a lunatic asylum, except maybe one in the 1800s. Rewind time by 200 years or so and the day-to-day happenings in loony bins was the stuff of nightmares.

A bad combination of a lack of knowledge and empathy when it came to treating people with mental disorders coupled with barbaric medical practises lead to some of the pictures you are about to see.

You can find more at So Bad So Good if morbid curiosity gets the better of you. Otherwise check out the ones I’ve posted below to remind you that there are worse things than being back at work today.


Escape Monday: Insane Things Google Earth Has Found

rainbow-planeI was trawling the interwebs as I normally do for cool Escape Monday stuffs last night and swung by Twisted Sifter where I found a post about the 50 amazing finds on Google Earth.

I then chose my favourites from that bunch to repost for you guys below. The best thing about all these images is that they come with the co-ordinates where you can actually find them.

A LOT of weird shit going on in the Nevada Desert, that’s all I can say. It’s definitely a place I’d love to visit one day because yeah, it’s basically just a giant landing pad for UFOs from what I can tell…


Escape Monday: Pictures From Paradise (Part 1)


We’re trying a new thing here at SlickTiger Industries today folks and it is CRUCIAL that every one of you who reads this post today comments on the new thing we are trying IMMEDIATELY in the section provided.

This blog site is written at least 55% for YOU the people and 45% as a very strange, deeply troubling four year-long private joke that I a share with me and a handful of other people in my head.

But that’s a blog post for another day. Today’s post exists for one reason and one reason only – to transport you from the suicidal depression of another Monday to magical far-off places that closely resemble paradise.


Escape Monday: Epic Tattoo Artist’s awe-inspiring Work

Kamil_Czapiga_2013_Tattoo_244I don’t have any tattoos and the chances of me ever getting any are pretty much zero. I just know myself too well – anything I get I’ll probably end up hating after a couple years.

My tastes just change way too much as I get older. I have nothing against people who get tattoos, in fact I admire them for being brave enough to do it, but give it 10 years and most of them regret it.

HOWEVER, if I ever had to get a tattoo, I wouldn’t just go to any douche with a needle and a flipbook of clichéd designs. I’d do my homework, find someone like Kamil Czapiga.


Escape Monday: Austria’s Stunning Mountainside Thermal Retreat

aquadomeresortaustria4The longer I look at the pictures you’re about to see of Austria’s Aqua Dome spa and retreat, the more I start believing that robbing the bank down the street might actually be a pretty good idea…

This place looks like some futuristic version of heaven built at the foothills of mountains so scenic, I swear if you look closely you can see Gandalf and his merry band of Hobbits marching through them.

I don’t think it’s humanly possible to go to this place and not leave feeling totally relaxed in every way. This massive retreat has 200 rooms as well as elevated bowl-shaped pools that feature underwater music and lights.