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Sick Customer Service Award: Afrihost

biglogo1Here at SlickTiger Industries we care deeply about YOU the consumer and want to provide an open and honest forum to celebrate excellent customer service because let’s face it, in South Africa it hardly EVER happens.

I had my doubts when I started this category on the site. We get nailed in the ass so frequently when it comes to customer service, I’d get way more mileage if I changed this to a forum for bitching and moaning.

But that just ain’t my style. Celebrate the positive, give praise where it’s due. Hold hands. Sing Kum Ba Ya, and if you’re looking for an internet service provider don’t even hesitate, go for Afrihost.


Sick Customer Service Award: SKULLCANDY

skullcandy_wallpaper4-613648Fucking South Africa, y’know?! I mean, I love this country to pieces but our customer service is seriously up to shit most of the time – it’s like some companies don’t want your business at all.

They rope you in as clients or customers and then act like they’re the ones doing you a favour. But this is not Hello Peter, this is SlickTiger bitches, so instead of complaining I’m gonna do the exact opposite.

Starting now, every time I receive excellent customer service and get treated like a flippin’ CHAMPION, I’m going to sing that company’s praises on the site so you guys don’t have to waste your time with shitheads who don’t deserve your business.