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Escape Monday: Banksy’s Most Iconic Work

banksy-painted-charles-manson-as-a-hitchhiker-on-a-london-street-corner-in-2005I realised when putting this post together that I know pretty much nothing about the street artist who calls himself “Banksy” other than the fact that he calls himself “Banksy” and he’s a street artist.

Turns out that the guy is pretty secretive though so I immediately felt better about not knowing more about him. Also, apparently he’s been doing street art for 20 years now.

That blew my mind a little as I only remember finding out who he was and seeing his work about five years ago, but this guy’s been giving the finger to the man for some time now and has built up a pretty awesome body of work in that time.

Check it out:















And then there’s this elephant that he painted for a secret exhibition he hosted:



So yeah. Fuck the system yo!

Good chat. Shall we go back to work now?