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Escape Monday: Aerial Iceland

Aerial-Iceland-640x336While this week’s Monday in no way compares to the awesome Monday we had last week, I’m still so flippin excited I can hardly sit still because ROCKING THE DAISIES, FUCK YEAH!

If you don’t have that to look forward to and need some Monday escapism, here are some aerial pics of Iceland that I think you’ll like.

Amazing how some of the world’s most inhospitable regions can be so stunningly beautiful. Just close your eyes. You can almost hear the Icelandic winds howling like an over-dramatic movie sound effect. Sip your morning coffee, relax and know that no matter how crazy your week is, everything always works out.











Feeling better? Good. Just so we’re all on the level here, I got those pics (once again) from

Now back to work ya lazy bum Winking smile