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Escape Monday: Pictures From Paradise (Part 1)


We’re trying a new thing here at SlickTiger Industries today folks and it is CRUCIAL that every one of you who reads this post today comments on the new thing we are trying IMMEDIATELY in the section provided.

This blog site is written at least 55% for YOU the people and 45% as a very strange, deeply troubling four year-long private joke that I a share with me and a handful of other people in my head.

But that’s a blog post for another day. Today’s post exists for one reason and one reason only – to transport you from the suicidal depression of another Monday to magical far-off places that closely resemble paradise.


Escape Monday: Jaw-Dropping Landscape Photography

Lukas-Farlan-Photography-14-640x425It’s so funny that of all the things I’ve started on this site, all the features and crazy shit I’ve tried to keep up, the two posts that just keep on giving are “Escape Mondays” and “Friday LOLZ”.

They’ve probably endured for so long because hardly any effort is required from my side to bang these puppies out, but I like to think they still add some kind of value to you guys, my loyal readers.

What you’re about to see are a whole bunch of photos from Lukas Farlan who, believe it or not, is a flippin student living in Italy who has an incredible eye for landscape photography.