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Escape Monday: Rainbows, Muthufukkahs!

rainbowIs there anything more beautiful than a muthufukkin RAINBOW?! Look me in the eye and tell me there is something more beautiful than a muthufukkin rainbow. Go ahead. I dare ya. I double dare ya, muthufukkah.

Sorry. I know, too early right? It’s bad enough that it’s Monday without ol’ Slicky-T assaulting us with poorly spelled capital-letter swearwords and bad Pulp Fiction paraphrasing.

Anyway, it’s tired and I’m late and more than anything right now what I need is to collapse face-first on my bed and slip into a 10-hour coma. It’s 2am as I write this. J-Rab left for London last night and in her absence I decided to drink 5 cups of coffee and spend ten hours writing a strat document.

So before I start gibbering like a crazy person, here are rainbows to make you happy:









Rainbows happen when Morgan Freeman nails a voice-over narration on the first take, so in other words, over three hundred times a second (true story).

I hope you liked those rainbows. Hopefully later I’ll have something a little juicier for you to sink your teeth into.

Om nomnomnom…