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Facejacker – The funniest shit you’ll ever see

facejackerThat’s a pretty bold statement right there but I’m comfortable making it because here at Them’s Fightin’ Words we do not fuck around… much…

While I was over in London a few weeks back, I got introduced to this killer show called “Facejacker” by my good buddy Stuza and my life has been changed for the better ever since.

The concept of Facejacker is pretty simple. Actor Kayvan Novak adopts a whole bunch of different disguises to completely change his appearance and then terrorises the general populace with fucking hilarious results. You HAVE to see this shit.

Though he acts as ten different characters on the show, my personal favourite is Brian Badonde, a flamboyantly homosexual art critic who suffers from “Bourettes”, a speech impediment that makes him start certain words with the letter “b”.

Here’s one of the first skits he did at an art gallery:



How he keeps a straight face throughout is a total mystery to me. How fucking funny is that shit?!

And it only gets better. Check out the pottery episode:



The whisky episode also made my literally piss myself laughing:



And the one that got me hooked when I saw it a few weeks back. I present to you. Brian Badonde. Art critic. Learning the art of. Boetry.



I swear to god, when he gets the guy to recite Postman Pat, he gets this close to packing up laughing, just watch his face, priceless!

Have a killer weekend party people Winking smile