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Escape Monday: Into A Realm Of Animals That Will Give You Nightmares

Red-lipped BatfishThis one really blew my mind right off its hinges. Bored Panda did this series of posts entitled “Animals You Didn’t Know Existed” which I’m shamelessly ripping off for today’s Escape Monday because wow.

I thought I’d seen it all when it came to animals. I’ve been alive for nearly 30 years now, I’ve watched hundreds of nature doccies and seen a whole bunch of crazy animals in zoos and boardrooms all over the world.

Boy-o-boy was I wrong. When you guys see the animals in this post, you’re gonna lose your damn minds. All of these animals are real, no photoshopping, just the scariest, creepiest, ugliest selection of monsters to crawl out of the primordial soup.

Starting with my friend the Yetti Crab:





















And lastly, the clear winner here today:



Hope ya’ll enjoyed those lovely animals!

Tune in next week for animals that are remarkable beautiful / cute so that balance can be restored to the universe.