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This Is The End Bloopers Reel Might Be Funnier Than The Actual Movie

1170481 - The End Of The WorldI watched This Is The End recently and couldn’t help but think that the entire movie was probably born out of a marathon bong session between Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny Mcbride and Craig Robinson.

Emma Watson might have joined in at some stage, but not for a bong. She probably just smoked a tight, reverse-rolled toothpick of a joint, giggled for an hour and passed out elbows-deep in a bag of Cheetos.

If you plan to watch that movie and not smoke weed, you’re a damn fool. J-Rab and I went that route and half-way in were like, “Wow. This is very shit.” Then I found the bloopers reel.


Eastbound And Down – The Series I tried To Hate

anchormanWill Ferrell might be a comedic genius but there are only a handful of movies he acts in I actually like.

Anchor Man was hilarious and highly original, The Other Guys had me laughing from literally the first scene and even though Stranger Than Fiction had a bit of a shit ending, it was based on a great premise and it was refreshing to watch him in something where he hardly shouted or swore at all.

But you gotta give the man credit where it’s due. His flamboyant, completely unpredictable, loud, crass and bizarre acting style has spawned an entire genre of American slapstick humour which the series Eastbound & Down steals shamelessly from.