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“In Utero” 20th Anniversary Reissue Looks Amazing

Nirvana-In-Utero-box-set-detailsAwhile back I took the brave step of admitting that, over 20 years later I’m still pretty obsessed with Kurt Cobain when I posted a series of rare pics of the man that have recently surfaced.

When you think about it, Nirvana were a pretty phenomenal band considering they were only around for about seven years (‘87 – ‘94) and only really exploded onto the scene with Nevermind in ‘91.

They released three studio albums in total, the third of which, In Utero, is about to be re-released in celebration of it’s 20th anniversary. Can you believe it’s been 20 goddamn years since it was originally released?! Christ we’re getting old.


Eagles Of Death Metal Friday

730-x-362_eagles_of_death_metalThe fucking weekend is upon us brothers and sisters and what better way to reign that gigantic, slavering beast in than by indulging in some Eagles Of Goddamn Death Metal!

If you haven’t heard of them, do yourself a favour.

Beg, borrow, steal Peace, Love Death Metal. Put your earphones on. Let your brain make sweet love to that falsetto-heavy rock and roll, yeah!

After that, mosey on over to Death By Sexy for another ramrod-stiff dose of everything that is great about rock and roll, and then top it off with Heart-On while you lie there in a post-braingasmic stupor.


Tenacious D Back From The Dead!

tenac_44441198Tenacious D always walked that fine line between a being a spoof band vs actually writing some decent classic stadium rock

The problem with the band is that they don’t take themselves seriously at all, so why should anyone else? I mean who ever heard of someone actually buying a Tenacious D album?

Sure, “Tribute” is probably kicking around on your playlist from the early 2000s along with “Wonderboy” and “Fuck Her Gently” but that’s about as far as it goes which isn’t very far for a band that has two (dick-joke laden) albums out.


TreeFiddy Review: Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

We’re trying a new thing today folks. Because you’re all a buncha attention deficit, slack-jawed, interwebs-trawling goofballs, I’m changing the way I write music reviews.

Gone are the days of long, sprawling, descriptive paragraphs about the delicate arrangement and superior production of song x, y or z. Fuck that, nobody cares.

From now on we’re stripping away all the bullshit here at SlickTiger Industries and pumping out reviews that are 350 words or less with rad videos, pics and tracks to stream. They’re easier for me to write, they’re easier for you to read, everyone’s a winner.


The 200th Post Lands On Friday!

We’re getting close party people, so close I can feel it, you can feel it and hundreds of thousands of people all over the world can feel it too… they just have no idea what it is and are rubbing ointment on it in the hope that it will go away.

This week is going to see some epic posts going down as we count down the days to the 200th post, which lands, like a mothership full of fokken prawns on Friday, almost exactly 7 months after I first banged a couple of random words out and hit the ‘publish’ button.