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The RIGHT way to shoot a Startup Video came across this startup video last night on Mashable that I thought I’d share with you crazy kids because the guy behind it, Michael Dubin deserves some recognition for his work.

Not only has the guy come up with a great idea for a startup business, but he’s managed to secure his first $1 million of funding to get his business off the ground.

How did he do it? Partly by busting his ass and working like a goddamn Trojan to make his dream a reality, and partly by shooting and acting in the following video which is all kinds of awesome.



What a total badass.

Call me fickle, easily impressionable, gullible and weak willed, but DAMN! I’d sign up for Dollar Shave Club in a second.

I mean, did you see the bear in that video?!

I rest my case.