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Approaching Post 200

I did the craziest thing this weekend, I went back through this site, right back to the first post and systematically logged everything I wrote last year. I would have logged everything I wrote this year as well, but didn’t have enough time, I’ll get around to that tomorrow.

It was a really useful exercise though, it reminded me how much great content I’ve banged out over the 7 months since I started this blog and also gave me a whole bunch of ideas how I can streamline this site and make that content easier for first time visitors to find.


The Voodoo Demon T-Shirt – An Update

I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot about this whole voodoo demon T-shirt thing and I may have inadvertently scared all of you out of actually bidding for that godawful, demon-possessed piece of hell lovely and stylish piece of clothing.

Let me just say this once and for all so you don’t all get nightmares and wet the bed – the T-shirt I’m offering for the Nerdies ’10 raffle isn’t actually possessed by demonic spirits, it’s just a normal T-shirt. It won’t make you turn into a gargantuan, destructive force of nature when you put it on and I promise it won’t make you want to eat anyone.


The Raddest Post Ever!

Today’s post is the raddest post ever! Some days you need long, rambling existential mind-fuck meandering, and some days, well, you just need hot mamasitas.

(I’m currently lost in a piece of fiction I’m teasing out and probably won’t get around to posting anything other than this today. Watch this space…)

So send this to every friend you know. Tell them it’s the raddest post you’ve ever read EVER and you’ll win a prize!



Party on Wayne.


*A stunning summer bikini