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The Final Half Arsed-a Chef Is Live!

HAC3And this time around, we’re putting our sushi-making skillz to the test and rolling up some Kenny Kunene-style sushi.

Of course, it wouldn’t be legit unless we served the sushi on a scantily-clad female, which is where “Kate The Plate” comes into the equation.

Having trained for years in the field of professional planking, Kate decided to take things to a whole other level and enrol at the International University of Human Crockery where she has been specialising for the last two years in “plating”.

A consummate professional, Kate refused the 12 glasses of wine she was offered prior to the challenge, opting for a modest 9 instead.

What a trooper.



That brings us to the end of the Half Arsed-a Chef series, but hopefully the guys will release a bonus bloopers reel where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the madness that ensued.

Sick campaign from an even sicker brand. Nomu, if you guys are planning any whack sheeit like this in the future, you have my number.