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Foy Vance Conquers &Union

13597aThe true merit of any musician is not measured in a recording studio, it is measured from the minute they step onstage until the minute they step off.

As a performer it can be intensely nerve wracking, especially if you’re going up there alone in front of a crowd a hundred thousand miles from home that knows you for one or two songs if you’re lucky.

But if Irish singer / songwriter Foy Vance was nervous before he went onstage at &Union in Cape Town last Friday night to deliver one of the best performances I’ve heard this year, he sure as hell didn’t show it.


Foy Vance Gig Tonight

foy-vance-300Here’s the dealy-o – at this very moment, there is a singer / songwriter in Cape Town that I had the privilege of hearing last night who is not only phenomenally talented, but is also a stand up guy on all counts.

His name is Foy Vance and he was flown out here from Northern Ireland to play a gig at a brand event we were working on yesterday.

I was standing not 2 meters from the stage while this man was performing and just the memory of that, I shit you not, is giving me goosebumps.