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Primus Back From The Grave, Literally

altthumb.phpI’ve said it before on this site, it’s not a very popular view but I don’t give a rat’s ass, I fucking love Primus.

It’s probably not a very popular view because of two simple reasons: 1) No one knows who they are and b) if they do, they can’t handle how intensely batshit crazy their music is.

Take the best bass guitarist you’ve ever heard in your life and feed him a bucketload of mind-bending drugs and you’ve got Les Claypool, the driving force behind this band and the man slapping the shit out of the bass guitar in the track I’m about to play you.


Karma Police Like You’ve Never Heard It

karma-policeFor quite a long while back in highschool, “Karma Police” was the soundtrack of my angst-ridden early teenage years.

In fact, OK Computer was my go-to album if I was feeling happy (“Subterranean Homesick Alien”) , sad (“Exit Music For A Film”), wistful (“Let Down”), lonely (“Karma Police”), lost (“No Surprises”), angry (“Electioneering”) or lucky (“Lucky”).

It’s a masterpiece of songwriting and its tracks have no doubt been covered time and time and time again, but have they been covered by one man on a six string bass guitar? (Starts slow, but just wait for the part he starts shredding his bass – too awesome).