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Album Review: Son

522131_451431511600690_380813415_nThe Down Lizzo:

I got a hold of the Pretoria-based band Son’s self titled debut album a few weeks back through my main man Guitar Jon who happens to be the bassist for the band and I must say, personal affiliations aside, the guys have put together an impressive debut by anyone’s standards.

While their sound is undoubtedly rooted in the 90s, there’s enough breadth to their songwriting and raw musical talent in frontman, guitarist and vocalist Heinrich Van Heerden, bassist and backing vocalist Jon Pentreath and drummer Keegan Oxley-Oxland to keep things interesting.

There’s also a healthy dose of blues, slide guitars and southern rock in their material which also helps define their unique sound.


Industrialstrengthshit – Another Killer Playlist From Your Tiger Pal

mutagen2It’s been a long-ass time since I last put together an 8Tracks playlist for you crazy kids to listen to and I think it’s high time I did something about that.

Problem is, my last mix (Bong Rippin’ Badassery) was so popular it was certified Gold by the 8Tracks community and has had over 3 500 plays to date, no lies.

It’s great that people liked it so much, but it’s made compiling a follow-up playlist a daunting task. Is Industrialstrengthshit, going to kick as much ass as Bong Rippin’? God only knows. But with bands like Taxi Violence, Fucked Up and Cloud Nothings in there, you’ll at least have something rad to kill the next hour with.


The History Of Whistling

boss-photo-9The great thing about having your own blog is the fact that you’re essentially your own boss and no one can fuck with that.

As such, I gave myself the past couple of days off and spent them sleeping in late, catching up on series, indulging in an ALIEN MOVIE MARATHON and avoiding the rainy weather we’ve been having.

But now it’s time to get back to the serious business of populating this site with fucking incredible content and blowing your guy’s minds on a daily and sometimes twice-daily basis.

Here’s a video I just found of a buncha guys taking is through the history of whistling that I thought was pretty cool.


That Intangible Moment…

BonIver_11394When you’re holding onto each note so hard, the knuckles of your soul are white.

And every reckless thing inside you is tearing in a different direction and every direction feels like a place you’re been waiting your whole life to find.

The song he’s strumming hums in your bones, stirring something that you’ve let sleep for too long and you don’t have to look at the people around you to know they’re waking up too.

It’s a song so familiar it lost its meaning a lifetime ago, but the way he plays it tonight, raw and unrepentant, naked and without shame, is so real it makes the life you thought you knew a lie.


Gig review: The Killers

South African audiences suck. We have absolutely no idea how to rock out and you can’t really blame us. Overseas there are hundreds of excellent bands playing every weekend and in places like London they are totally spoilt for choice when it comes to concerts and artists.

Not so all the way down in darkest Africa. Down here we get international acts maybe three times a year if we’re lucky, which is bad because what ends up happening is everyone buys tickets to go see whichever band has decided to grace us with their presence not because they are die hard fans of that band, but just because a big international artist has actually come down here to play.