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Slicky-T Plays Strip Poker With The Devil

sexy devil“Ok, wait. So how many pieces of clothing do you have on, it looks like a lot,” I said, eyeing J-Rab sceptically.

“Six in total,” she replied after doing a quick inventory of everything she had on.

“Crap, I got seven if I’m allowed to count my socks individually.”

“Ok. Pass me the devil horns from the cupboard behind you, then that will put me up to seven too.”

“Done deal,” I said, and that was when things started to go very, very badly for your pal Slicky-T.


Tell The Tiger (Episode 1)

Hi Folks, and welcome to the first episode of ‘Tell The Tiger’ with me, your humble host, SlickTiger.

I was completely overwhelmed by all your emails, who knew you guys were so fucked up? Thank you for sharing though, with my help we can overcome the hardships of existence and blossom as incredible and unique homosapiens.



So let’s jump in there shall we?


Hi Slick,

I have recently been experiencing a problem involving pets in the complex.