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Red October

It begins today. Last year, when I first started this blog, I posted everyday for the month of October, and turned every day in the calendar you see on the right red with posts.

This year I aim to do the same.

The beauty of setting goals on a blog, where everyone can read them, is that failing is awesome. It’s like going onstage drunk as a hobo at a gig and passing out after three songs.

Which is why I aim not to fuck this up 😉

Sure, some posts will be banal. Some will just be plain lame, but it’s the principle of the thing y’know?


The Face Of Things To Come

Reading this site, you might not think it, but there is actually an over-arching plan that I put in place the day I first started blogging that I am slowly and steadily working towards.

It’s been a dream of mine for as far back as I can remember to team up with my friends and produce a whole bunch of radass media, everything from comic books to TV series, to movies, I got ideas up the wazoo for all kinds of crazy shit, just ask J-Rab, she has to sit and listen to me brain-shit all this stuff out all the time.


Short Story: Who The Fuck Is SlickTiger?

‘So yeah, this SlickTiger guy, he’s got a site, I read some of it the other day, it’s really crazy shit up there. Really crazy shit. I mean, reading it I feel like we’re connected somehow – does that sound fucking crazy to you?’

Dr Schmeizer shifts slightly in his chair, sighs and rubs his eyes.

‘Yes. That does sound fucking crazy to me.’

‘Um, are you allowed to say that?’

‘Say what?’

‘I dunno, swear at me during a consultation?’

‘Under normal circumstances, no.’