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New Muse Single Is… Meh

muse-09I don’t know what’s happened to this band, seriously. They had a run of four albums that were some of the the very best that the 00s had to offer.

Then The Resistance landed in 2009 and the first crack appeared in Muse’s armour. Instead of the tight rock masterpieces we were used to, Muse delivered an album that was “conceptually impressive but musically all too familiar”.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt though because I love this band and I knew that they could do better. “The next album is going to melt faces” I predicted, “so I’ll just let The Resistance slide for now, nobody’s perfect”.

And now here we are, three years down the line with their next album scheduled for release on 1st October and from what I’ve heard thus far, I’m as excited for the new album as I was for my last root canal treatment.



Their Olympic song, “Survival” was utter tripe. The lyrics were weak and the song itself sounded like reheated leftovers from The Resistance.

Of course, people immediately rallied to the band’s side saying they deliberately made the song a watered-down version of what they’re really capable of because if they unleashed their full force writing a song for the Olympics, chances are the masses wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Now their first single, “Madness” has just landed and yeah. Maybe I need to give it a few more listens because right now, this track is doing absolutely nothing for me.

Check it:



I mean Christ. Who wrote this track? U2? Queen? Cause it sure as fuck couldn’t have been Muse, right?

To put this in context, lemme just remind you all of what this band is actually capable of before some smart-ass decided to troll the shit out of this post.



Muse, please, get your shit together.

If the new album has just one track that can hold a flame to that, I’ll be happy, cause right now, the outlook is pretty goddamn bleak.



Muse Going All Dubsteppy On New Album?

Images-3Just picked up a tweet from my main man @SchweppsRocka with the trailer for Muse’s album (The 2nd Law) that lands in Sept and I must say I’m… confused.

If the album trailer is anything to go by, then Muse have made the questionable decision to embrace dubstep with their new material which is already polarising fans left right and centre.

I thought we learned from the pile of shit that was Korn’s recent dubstep album, The Path Of Totality that rock bands need to avoid dubstep like the goddamn plague, but no. Apparently Muse missed that memo…

Here’s the vid:



Of course, at this stage, it’s all just speculation. Muse have been pretty hush-hush on how the new album will sound, the only quote I’ve read so far was the bassist Chris Wolstenholme saying they want to do something “radically different” on their new album.

Muse, more than any band that comes to mind right now, are probably the only guys that might actually be able to pull off a rock / dubstep album but still, it’s a huge gamble.

And I’m sorry, but the whole post-apocalyptic, “we’re destroying the planet” angle they’re going for with this clip reminds me of one thing and only one thing.



For their sake I hope this doesn’t end in WUB-WUB-fuelled disaster.