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When You Got Nothing Left To Lose…

1280_thumbI got this idea, this gigantic, fucking crazy-assed plan that’s been bouncing around inside my vast, empty skull the past two weeks about how I’m going to turn my life around and finally do what I was made for.

Of course, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not this idea is actually going to work. Like a lot of my half-baked plans, in real life it’ll probably look a whole lot different than it does in my head, but honestly? I don’t fucking care.

For the longest time, I haven’t been living, just killing time and telling anyone who’ll listen about how one day shit’s gonna be different. Always one day. Never today.


Movie Review: Avatar

I’d be lying if I said I knew where to start when it comes to writing this review. How do you dissect a world so carefully created and beautifully rendered? I feel like a biologist standing scalpel in hand over the body of one of the fantastical creatures featured in Avatar, with absolutely no idea what I’m doing.



For starters, let me tell you why movies like Avatar usually fail to impress me, because the reason is fairly simple. Usually in movies of this nature, where the protagonist is transported to another world and interacts with an alien species, that protagonist is some dorky, reluctant hero, usually a scientist who’s clumsy and bashful and unable to assert himself at the beginning of the movie, but who by the end has found the courage and fortitude to stand up to the bad guys and thus realise his own self worth.